3 minimal Easter table decor ideas


Spring is here and with it comes visions of warmer weather, spring colors and loads of decorations. With a spring comes and Easter holidays.
Easter is not only chocolate and eggs. For some people, this is still an important anniversary, which is closely associated with the religion. Perhaps the best and most important part of Easter is when family and friends come together at the table to share a great meal or play a game of egg tapping.
All photos taken by Simona Benetyte.
Decorate your home in minimalist style for Easter!
Follow this guide with three gorgeous dining settings to achieve minimal Easter decor in your home with themed tableware, homemade accessories and beautiful displays. Bring you fresh ideas that will make your celebration truly one to remember.
Beautiful floristic desingns by si.MONA
Candles with amber by MiLiCrafts
1. For a woodland-inspired theme, bring the great outdoors inside to create a beautiful, fresh setting. This set off a pretty display of dried bent to create a striking ornament over the table that will wow everyone. Choose a ceramic pottery for a modern country look, handmade soy candles and gold decorated eggs to highlight the delicate textures and patterns. Everything combined with a backdrop of Baltic table linens, crisp silverware and naturalistic wisps, this neat little pieces brings a little magic to a beautiful table and meal.
Table stylings by Simona Paulauskiene
Handmade ceramic pottery is something brilliant.
2. The second table shows more simple but not inferior decor. Grey shades are always in trends and this time we use them to show a fresh palette of nature-inspired flowers. To make the table more festive we used egg candles. So this simple setting is easy to make and in the same time it looks modern and beautiful.
Several types of grey shades in this shop.
Grey ceramics fits with all type of table setting.
Soy wax candle eggs is something must have on your table.
3. This Easter table is the trendy one, cause we used coral and pink table linens. This color palette is so warm and meant to be the season highlight. For the centerpiece we used the first and most adorable spring flowers tulips. And for sure the white pottery and beautiful candles was the adorable accent.
White ceramics to brighten pink table.
Softened line are the best choice!
Cement eggs ornaments with gold.

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