What could be more beautiful than a self made decorations for Easter. These gold leaves marbled concrete eggs will give a modern and sophisticated touch to your Easter decor and make your guests go wow. Gorgeous metallic details is on trend now, so lets make some magic.


  • Concrete eggs (from MiLiSupplies shop)
  • White craft glue (school glue)
  • Deco metal flakes from Rayher 
  • Protective varnish from Rayher (optional)
  • 2 brushes


1. Brush some glue on the egg randomly, do not cover the whole egg, leave some clean space to get a marbled effect.
2. Take a metal leaf and apply it on the glued surface.
3. Smooth the leaf with the dry brush. 
4. Repeat this process in a few steps, because the glue dries quite fast.

5. After you covered all the areas you wanted and the gold leaf stuck nicely brush off the unstuck leaf parts to get beautiful marble imitating edges. 

6. After brushing off the unstuck parts of the gold leaf you will have a small gold leaf shreds. Don't throw them away, simply brush some glue on the uncovered areas and using your fingers stick these shreds to the concrete egg.

7. If you want to the gold marble to remain bright and shiny for a longer time, apply the protective varnish to prevent the metal from oxidation.

Let it dry and here you go, your gold leaf marbled concrete egg is ready to be your perfect Easter decoration made with your own hands.

Teikia „Blogger“.

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