Personal wool OOAK dolls by SmallMiraclesDolls

 This time we introducing a wonderful baby dolls author SmallMiraclesDolls.
Here is her story and shop link.

Perfectly handmade - Personal OOAK dolls, Warming microwavable baby toys, New baby gifts
Meet the dolls that are born from dreams and create small miracles in people’s hearts. Each doll as unique as the person it’s being made for himself. 100% handmade, stuffed with warmth, love and care, good thoughts and wishes.
 The main idea for WARMING GNOMES is soft handmade dolls stuffed with wool, with a small bag of salt or buckwheat inside. All you have to do is to warm the bag in the oven or microwave and put it back to the dolls belly. The wool takes the warmth of the bag and the toy stays warm longer, giving your child a snuggy hug and thermal healing.
Each toy lives in his own bag, containing short instructions of using. It’s a perfect gift visiting a newborn!
You can choose one of many available colours and combinations, suitable for a girl, a boy or a baby-surprise. :)
 I also love making OOAK (one-of-a-kind) DOLLS, it's my real passion, which brings a lot of joy and also challenge each time I start a new project.
Why are they so special? They have a little heart inside their chest, something intended for that specific doll and the person it’s being made for. It can be something I feel is needed or anything you bring a meaning – amber, sea stone with a hole, shell, ring, cross… It also has a little note with written wishes or traits for that someone special. Each doll has its own energy and also its own special heart with wishes from me and you.
The doll can be anything you want to. As a boy, it also has something only the boys have – otherwise how would you know it’s a boy? 😉 A child can undress the doll completely, the clothes are removable, so you can wash them or sew something yourself. It’s also useful for the children to train undressing the dolls and fastening the buttons.
The hair is easy to brush, band and braid without any fear it gets damaged. The doll is soft, warm and cosy. The arms and legs move and bend. Size approx. 35 cm (13.8 in), weight 200 g (0.44 lb).
The dolls are made mainly FOR CHILDREN. They are completely safe, suitable for hugging, playing, loving, snuggling. 
For more information, visit my site.

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