DIY: How to make refrigerator magnets

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Even if it may sound a bit weird, but when I visit others’ kitchen I always take a look at the refrigerator. Some of them are totally clear, some have few fridge magnets with some notes, photos or kids’ paintings, but most of them have lots of funny souvenir magnets from foreign countries. I also always buying magnets from countries I visit for my Mom. She loves them!
Then I started to travel more and more I realized that people really love small little gifts and souvenirs. That is why I started to sell handmade refrigerator magnets a couple of years ago. People really want to have some funny tiny paintings or phrases on their fridges. Original hand painted fridge magnet is also a great little gift for the family members or friends (I know that many of my customers use them as Christmas stocking gifts. It is never too late or too earlier for Christmas shopping, isn’t it? :)
There are many fun and easy ways to make creative magnets. Almost anything can be turned into a refrigerator magnet with two magic things: a little bit of glue and a magnet. Oh and the third thing - creativity :). This article will show you how to make a few simple magnets from stones and wooden blocks like I do.

For this refrigerator magnet craft project, all you need is:

1. Small, lightweight stone or wooden block that is flat on one side. I used rocks that were found on the beach.

2. A magnet that fits your stone or wooden block. I use round button magnet. Remember - pick the right size as you really don't want to see the magnet from the other side.

3. Very strong glue.

First of all, you need to clean the stone / rock. If your object is very dirty, the glue may not stick to it.

Now it is time to create a design for your fridge magnet. It can be a phrase or a little painting. Let your imagination go! Check what I have created.

When your front part is ready, glue the magnet on the back side. If your object is large, consider gluing two small button magnets to the back: one at the top, and one at the bottom. The final step is to wait until the glue dries.

Then your artwork is ready to get a place on the fridge!

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