Felt - oldest textile techniques

We woul like to share JurgaFeltLife video about felting procese.

Felt making is considered to be one of the oldest textile techniques. Here is used wet felting which involves only warm water, natural soap and a few simple wooden and ceramic tools. It takes time to felt a pair of slippers, and it is a rather complicated process. To get a nice shape, it is necessary to possess shoe lasts and also sharp eyes. In the beginning, wool is precisely weighed in accordance with a special table of weight, as different sizes require different amount of wool. Jurga usually uses undyed natural wool, but she likes some decorative elements of dyed wool too. She is using different moulds for different sizes. First of all, she line dry wool and apply water to the fabric. A pair of slippers is lined together. When the wool is lined and wet, it is time to start felting. Slippers are twisted into a towel and then rolling many times. Afterwards, Jurga's husband takes the slippers into his hands to give them a nice shape, to rinse in clean water and dry them next to the fireplace. Felting is a long process which takes time and requires physical strength of a felter. In the different point of view, it is such a pleasure to work with natural fibres, natural wool which comes from animal-friendly farms. Jurga usually use European wool, and are very concerned about the issue of ecology.
Teikia „Blogger“.

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