Modern Plywood Christmas Tree DIY

Looking for modern alternative to traditional Christmas tree? Here you go - hygge Christmas tree from plywood. Simple and not expensive and easy to store and you will not be bothered about dropped needles that are catered all over the house from real Christmas tree.
This tutorial is for a 62 cm tall and 50 cm width Christmas tree. You can make any dimensions desired.
I decorated this tree with scented Christmas tree ornaments from MiLiCrafts.

  • Plywood sheet (4 x 500 x 760 mm)
  • 10 Wooden dowel pins (8 x 70 mm)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hand saw or jig saw
  • Drill with 8 mm drill bit
  • Sanding paper  (150 grit)

STEPS 1. Draw the cutting lines. 
  1. Draw the horizontal line in the middle of the sheet.
  2. Measure 55 cm from the top and draw the horizontal line.
  3. Draw the side lines.
  1. Draw the 7 x 20 cm tree stem.
  2. Draw two more 7 x 20 cm rectangles (it will be the support parts).
  3. You have a cutting lines (just eliminate the vertical center line). 
2. Cut out all the elements.

3. Measure and draw the cutting lines for support parts
  1. In the middle of stem parts draw the cutting lines for the slots. In the tree stem center draw 0.8 cm width line which has to be 7 cm tall. In the middle of support stem parts draw 3.5 cm lines (the cutting line is 0.4 cm width).
  2. Cut out the joining slots.
  3. Try to join the tree and see if it joins smoothly.
4. Sand all the edges of the cut out.

5. Mark and drill the holes for dowel pins
  1. Measure and mark the drilling points.
  2. Drill the holes.
  3. Sand the cut out holes.
  4. Put in the pins. 
6. Assemble and enjoy your Christmas tree

Treat Your Home With Original Artwork

Have an office or a conference room You need to dress up?  Like to impress Your guests? Love to relax at home admiring the unique decor?
We have a selection of Original Artwork and One Of A Kind Home Decor made by artists and professional craftsmen based in Lithuania.We dropped in a few prints, they are not considered as copies, but rather an original numbered, dated and signed art pieces, as each print varies in contrast and color. There is a selection of paintings, watercolor illustrations, metal works and ceramics to suit most tastes and interiors.
Minimalist Oil on Canvas Painting by ArtRasa
Pastel and charcoal on paper by colorsofland
Hand Made Rusty Iron Wall Clock from Inthetime
Paper Clay Art Doll from AnnaZuevaDolls
Lino Block Printed Linen Table Runner from kaupole
Lino Cut Print, Recycled Linen Cushion Cover by IndrajasSoulKitchen
Ceramic Sculpture Wall Decor by RamunesCeramics
Original Artwork Ink On Paper by DePianoArt
Wool Felt Wall Art from DaliaNerijusFelt
Watercolor Illustration by NORAillustration

Eco - Friendly Craft Business

Linen Produce Bags
Setting up your craft business is exciting yet challenging. Even if your product design is flawless and presentation is top notch, your materials are natural, sustainable, fair trade or came from local family farms, there are couple areas to work on: wrapping, packing and postage are usually pushed to the side, but it's a great opportunity to send your customer a message about sustainable living, remind of vast Earth pollution or introduce them to reducing, reusing and recycling.
And there is that warm and uplifting feeling, that the package from your handcrafted item won't live for your great grandchildren to dig up in the yard or end up as a whale's death cause.
Today we have a few ideas on materials, wrappings and different ways to pack those precious handmade items.
Linen Favor Bags
Handmade Natural Paper Bag
Jute Twine
So, what can we choose to wrap the items for shipping?
  • Tissue Paper - made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Natural Craft Paper is a mono-material that is easily and frequently recycled.
  • Castoff Kerchief - a light fabric neck scarf you haven't worn for ages.
  • Fabric scraps - a great way to use leftovers from sewing projects.
  • Natural ropes and twines - there are cotton, linen, jute, raw wool, nettle, hemp, paper or even sewing scrap ropes to tie the packed goods.
  • Handmade canvas string bags - natural or upcycled fabric bags.
  • Handmade paper or handmade paper bags.
  • Individual canvas tote bags.
Another very important step is packing. Parcel has to be protected from physical damage, moist, dust, has to look good and fit the postal requirements.
The most popular are cardboard boxes, look for recycled cardboard, skip the ones with plastic coating.
Second in line are mailers or mailing bags. These can be 80% or 100% recycled and can be recycled again. And there are paper ones with bio plastic padding or eco bubble wrap.  
Another essential is packing tape, made of recycled paper and natural rubber.
There are eco friendly and biodegradable options available for all these supplies.
Cardboard box, tissue paper and canvas tote combo from DingoM
There are a lot of options for void filling, go for a natural, sustainable, recycled materials. Have a look around, you might have suitable stuff just laying around.
Shredded Paper

Wood Wool

  • Packing peanuts - starch based peanuts are soluble in water and can be disposed down the sink.
  • Old newspapers - an old faithful way to fill space in box, not too fancy though.
  • Shredded paper - usually made from recycled paper.
  • Wood shavings - not as common, but nice way to use bits and pieces from wood working station.
  • Wood wool.
  • Biodegradable bubble wrap.
  • All kinds of corrugated cardboard sliced into pattern to replace bubble wrap.
An example of eco - friendly wrapping and packing from WoolenClogs
Remind your lovely customers to take care of wrapping and packaging, to re-use it or recycle.

Any other eco friendly options we missed? Drop a comment below!

Angels. Just angels in our life.

An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies.
It's very popular symbol in all kind of art. 
By the late 4th century, the Church Fathers agreed that there were different categories of angels, with appropriate missions and activities assigned to them. There was, however, some disagreement regarding the nature of angels. Some argued that angels had physical bodies, while some maintained that they were entirely spiritual. Some theologians had proposed that angels were not divine but on the level of immaterial beings subordinate to the Trinity. The resolution of this Trinitarian dispute included the development of doctrine about angels.
Angels are one of the favorite Christmas ornaments. Christmas angels usually appear on top of Christmas trees, representing their role in the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus.
Angel ornaments, statues, art, and jewelry can be found literally everywhere you go. There is no coincidence that these angelic delights appear to you within your daily life. Finding angel objects or receiving angel objects can be a gentle nudge from your guardian angel to let you know that they want to connect with you.
Angel objects are signs that your guardian angel is around you. Any kind of angelic object, statue, ornament, or jewelry will hold a positive high vibration of light energy. This is because of the powerful mass belief (consciousness) in the goodness of angel beings as a divine force.
The angelic message of receiving any type of angel object is that you are being divinely protected by your guardian angel and other angelic beings.
Teikia „Blogger“.

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