SondeflorShop - It's a story about a girl, a dress and the sound of flowers...

Here is SondeFlor story and SHOP

The team of Son de Flor consist of two friendly dreamers, both with creative vision and passion for all things romantically classic! Probably a little bit crazy and naive as well, though great believers in a culture of a cup of tea and a power of slowing down. Just listen to our dresses! Can you hear what they are singing?

Seems it's time to introduce ourselves. We are Elze and Vaida. A photographer and a fashion creative. Friends forever. Travel companions. Recently business partners.
Our fresh yet promising brand Son de flor was born from longing for something beautiful and obvious. Something that needs no promotion nor arguing its' value. Something more than fashion. Something fragile, feminine and strong at the same time. Something lasting. Relieving. Looking just right with high-heels as well as sandals or sporty sneakers! Many faces, yet all carrying one beautiful sound. The sound of flowers.

This is what we hear when we create, craft and visualize our classic collar dresses: relax, slow down, embrace yourself, blossom and celebrate your 'yourness'! 
All our dresses are produced in a small sewing house based in the heart of Vilnius, a family business established more than 20 years ago. We love working with someone we fully trust even on the slightest most complicated details. All our products are thoroughly hand-made and all the parties involved in the production processes are fairly rewarded. Our fabrics come from Lithuanian and Italian producers with fair trade and eco-friendly certificates.

Once you decide to have a Son de flor dress in your wardrobe, we will be more than happy to personally lead you through the process of sizing, producing and delivery of your order, explicitly commenting every stage of it.

In case you are not satisfied with your Son de flor dress, we assure the possibility of refund. Should you have any questions concerning Son de flor, don't hesitate to contact us at info [!at]!

Adorable gift ideas for HIM

 A perfect gift set for your lovable mans on St.Valentines day or birthday... I am sure every man would be happy to get one of these.

Man's Hoodie Wolf Black by KoppaKoppa
Kamali Leather Razor Case by FelixStreetStudio
Key ring Message Gift for Husband by BlueEyeDesignz
iPad mini case by CitySheepStore
Beer tasting tray by ReclaimedOregon 
Dark Ebony Wood Watch by axMen
Brown Military Pants by PANDOwear
Mini handmade sketchbook by BluntNeedle
Wooden case iPhone 6/6s by CraftedCover

Wedding hair accessories, Flowering by Florentes

Please meet a wonderful wedding hair accessories creator. Florentes SHOP

 Florentès - blooming wedding hair accessories created and made by hand. Our accessories are for a bride who celebrates a simple life in the beauty of small details.

Wedding accessories is more than just a matter of matching colors and adding some sparkly details to your wedding style; accessories are the way to compliment your character. The same as the wedding dress and moments captured in pictures - with proper care and love, they will become beloved family heirlooms.
 Florentès unique designs include handmade bridal hair adornments and bridal veils. Some of the most loved fabric flowers we use in our collection are roses, peonies, magnolias, gardenias, cherry blooms, anemones and more.

All flowers are handmade from several fabric pieces. Every fabric piece is sketched, cut, and crafted separately; assembled with matching details to create cozy, delicate and flowering look.
To create our wedding accessories we use old technologies of millinery or invent something new by ourselves. The layout of each single bloom is made by us analyzing the structure of real flowers. The challenge is to create fabric flower which looks as real as it does in nature but to put some more charm to create a special piece for a bride to wear on her wedding day.

Florentès was founded in 2013, in a capital city of one of Baltic States in Northern Europe, Lithuania.

With love,
Inga and Daiva by Florentès

DIY tutorial: Decorate a cup using a porcelain marker

 We are happy to share with you Asta's cup decorating DIY tutorial. This is a great idea for St.Valentines day gift ;) She was very kind to share it with us and I recommend to visit her beautiful blog with more ideas.
 I have no doubt that you have your favorite tea cup or big coffee mug. I think every one of us have one :) There are two of my favorite cups in the kitchen: big cup for a tea which I brought from London and a big mug for coffee from Starsbuck in Paris. But of course I have some extra cups for my friends and myself too. When one of them crashed, I started to look for a new one to replace and couldn’t find anything interesting and original cup in the local shops. Then – hooray! Idea came to my mind and I thought why not just create original cup by myself and I started to look how I can do it.

Today I'm willing to share with you how you can do the same. Let’s decorate a coffee mug using a porcelain marker together!

1. One color porcelain cup
2. Porcelain marker (you can find one in local art shop or online)
3. Paper, scissors, soft pencil (HB or 2B) and sticky tape

Step 1

Think about what you want to paint on the cup. E.x. Cats were in my mind at that time when I created my original cup :)

Cut the stripe of paper and make sure it is same high and length as a cup is. Now draw the illustration on it. Yes this is most fun part!
Step 2

Using a soft pencil and applying a lot of pressure, trace the basic lines of your illustration.
Step 3

Now turn around the piece of paper with the illustration and attach it to the cup, with the illustration inwards (yes inwards), using some sticky tape.

Don’t forget that any design transferred with this technique will be mirrored. If you need to transfer any text, you should write (if you can) or print it mirrored in order to be able to read it on your cup!
Step 4

Use the pencil to draw over the lines of the drawing. This will help transfer the image on to the surface of your cup. Apply a lot of pressure and make sure you don't forget to go over every detail of the illustration. I also discovered that it’s possible just to use a hard part of the marker to press the illustration and outline it with pressure.
Step 5

Carefully remove the paper and you’ll see the illustration on your cup. It should be visible enough to use it just as a guide.
Step 6

It’s time to have fun again and ink your design! Love this step! :)

Before you start using the porcelain marker, shake the pen well and push it vertically on a piece of the paper and check that the appropriate amount of paint is released.
Step 7

Carefully trace over the pencil drawing with the porcelain marker to create the basic outlines. Don’t worry if you made a mistake. When the ink is still wet, you can correct mistakes by wiping them with a wet wipe. Make sure cup is dry before you proceed again.

After you finish painting cup needs to dry for 24 hours
Step 8

Now your big mug or cup is ready!

Note: Use the marker as it’s written on the instruction. Some of the markers just need to dry for 24 hours. Other brands of porcelain markers need to be baked for about 30-90 minutes in order to fix the paint. If you’ll bake your cup, be sure to remove any stickers from the bottom, because I guess you don’t want to cook those! After fixing the ink, the mug is ready to be used and most of them are dishwasher safe (again depends on the marker you used).
Hand painted cup, plate or bowl can be a great, original and easy to make gift for your friends or family members. You can already imagine your loved person smiling in the morning while drinking from the cup which is unique and reminds about you, don't you?

I really hope this guide will help you and you will create a piece of artwork! If you do, please share with me! Also you are very welcome to check all the cups I made so far and of course buy one if you want!

Now after hard work it’s time to enjoy coffee!

Handmade cat toys, felted cat caves, eco wool dog mats by DreamPaws

DreamPaws story and SHOP..
We love having pets around the house. We own several cats and a horse, so there is no shortage of them in our life.
It did take quite a while though to find ecological and clean toys for our cats to play with and mats and cat caves for them to relax in.
 Seeing that we were already working with natural ecological wool making shoes at , we decided to make the toys and mats ourselves and also offer this product to like-minded pet owners out there -- you pet deserves nothing less than you, dye-free, chemical-free, natural organic wool and pure olive oil soap.
Also, in order to help those less fortunate, we pledge to donate 5% from all our profits in this shop to a local animal shelter.
 There will be pictures of animals from the shelter here and there around the shop -- it is great to see, how they run around happily when they get enough food and can afford medical treatment! 

Handmade accessories, sweaters, cowls by IvetaStasiulioniene

Welcome to IvetaStasiulioniene SHOP and here is her story...

I finished history and art history bachelor studies in one of the oldest universities in Europe, Vilnius University.
But after becoming a mother, I fully indulged to my family. Having free time I always sat down to knit, and little by little it became a full-time job.

I have loads of ideas, that I try to recreate, old knitting techniques and new fashion trends combining all into one. I want to try everything. From wedding and boho knittings - to warm and fluffy winter accessories.
 I am really demanding towards myself and my knitting. I choose only the highest quality yarn. I thoroughly inspect them to see if they are soft, if they will itchy and if they will stretch and bleed during washing. It`s really important to me.

 I try to improve a model as much as I can, until I feel delighted with the turn out and fall in love with it myself. Only then I show them to You.
Before shipping all of my knittings out, I wash them with an eco detergent. You get clean, fragrant knittings and You can easily wear them on the same day you get it!

I am delighted when the clients are happy with my products, a part of my heart belongs to them:)

Winter Fashion Trends

 Here is some Winter fashion trends we would like to share with you!!!
And the list where you can find all thees adorable handmade items...

Kiwi bird pillow cover by Pillowlink
Cute white ivory wool color mittens by AIYshop
Flow - satin skirt by WardrobeByDulcinea
Handmade Flat Shoes by WoolenClogs
Monkey Charm Bracelet by EdoraJewels
Chocolate Brooch by DzyDzydesign
Envelope Leather Clutch by WeriBeauties
Stoneware Teabowl by EMceramic
Chunky blanket by Ohhio

Eco friendly, organic wooden toys by FriendlyToys

FriendlyToys which smell like a forest story...
We, Sigita, Donatas, Saule and Goda, are a family. Even before the arrival of our baby we’ve already felt the importance of the bond between nature and a child. Therefore we left busy city life of Vilnius and moved to the place where trees touch the sky. Inspired by watching our daughter grow we began creating wooden toys. Later on more and more people were willing to give their children the joy of playing with eco and human friendly toys that we make. Finding pictures of smiling little clients holding our manufactured toys or warm thank you letters in the inbox was (and still is) a constant encouragement to maintain our business. We are glad that now not only Lithuanian children but also those who live across the Atlantic enjoy playing with our wooden creatures. Friendly toys can be found at homes where babies haven’t even arrived yet – wooden toys which smell like a forest appear to be perfect decorations for those who love handcrafted interior elements.

Why are our toys friendly? First of all, the materials which we use are 100% natural and biodegradable: birch, natural „Milk Paint“ paint, linen strings and cold-pressed linen seed oil which has both natural scent and moisture protection quality. Secondly, the toys are born in the family and inspired by its smallest member. Thus in the environment full of love toys are infused with nothing but friendliness and good energy.

Our world is full of hypnotizing snails, spinach loving dogs, sheep waiting for fairytales, horses pasturing in wild strawberry fields, fashionable helicopters, buses full of mushroom pickers and other forest animals and visitors. Find your child a new, safe and lovely friend here!

Ring boxes, business card holders, accessories by Woodstorming

Woodstorming really enjoy what they do! Here is the SHOP and their story...

How that started? The idea just came suddenly... We bought some tools and started to create.

We didn't have intentions to sell at first. We enjoyed creation process and did that just for fun (our family members were happy to get original handmade things as Christmas presents from us :)). All this started to develop when one of our friends saw what we do and told us about Etsy...

 We do everything from scratch ourselves. It is amazing to see how plain piece of wood turns into something special. Our designs require lots of handwork and are made with great accuracy and attention to details. There are several stages of sanding and polishing, the most delicate of these can be done only by hand - all small details, corners and so on.. We prefer natural look and do not use lacquer - only oil and wax finish on our creations. That shiny look you see in our works is done with especially smooth sanding and polishing.

The best thing is to create something new. We really love custom orders! 

Teikia „Blogger“.

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