Safe, soft and friendly Crocheted&Knitted Creations by YarnBallStories

Here is YarnBallStories SHOP and their about story.

“The Yarn Balls Stories” means stories told by the yarn balls

WE ARE Virginija and Dovile, both sisters and mothers and also co-creators of the yarn balls stories. The idea of making soft toys came across when our own kids were born. Therewith, they became our inspirations, creative collaborators and the first ones who test and approve our works.
WHAT MATERIALS ARE USED? – We have strong desire to grow our kids in a friendly and healthy environment, see them play with cute and safe toys, what naturally led us to knitting and crocheting. Most of our works are made from cotton, wool and other organic fibers, stuffed with polyester fillers – to keep the shape after frequent washing and to avoid allergies. 
EDUCATION. WORK. CREATION. – Our lifestyle, interests and education goes along with the works of The Yarn Balls Stories. Virginija has Master in psychology, and at the moment works as a child psychologist at school. Dovile has finished history and philosophy of media studies; moreover she continues the search in the fields of philosophy. These everyday activities and work areas brings us to the same attitudes about safe childhood, games and the development of Creativity.
Urban knitting is one of the most exciting street art styles that inspire us, so we started to create street/outdoor installations – called Urban Knitting or Yarn Bombing. This style of art goes close with our beliefs, it worms up public spaces, and it makes cold and hard places into a feeling of friendly and cozy home, it also brings new and unexpected into everyday life of citizens.
All these things float in our art works and encourage the development and improvement.

Happy Easter dear friends!!!

Happy Easter print by WhiteAspenPrints
Mini Bunny Wreath by EverBloomingOriginal
Burlap Easter basket by HedgehogKingdom
Chicken Earrings by GlassRiverJewelry
Easter Sheep Dolls by IrinaMargarita
Easter Egg Soy Wax Candles by MiLiCrafts
Easter decor linen eggs with cross stitch by RedPin
Felted Bunny egg cozy by Vilnone
Blue polka dot Linen napkins by CozyLinen
Grey wool felted Bunny coat by DressInFelt
Felted bunnies adult size slippers by SimplicityOfFelt

Felted slippers and more by MusiuMuse

Curly curly... sheep in MusiuMuse hands becomes in a wonderful felt creatures. Visit her SHOP.

My husband has curly hair. My both daughters has curly hair... But I don't! So I just had to start working with something that would compensate this little misunderstanding :) Beautiful curly sheep... 
 Originally I am archaeologist and also worked as a restorer of archaeological artifacts (ancient wood and pottery) until I become a mom. Felting is ancient technique, so it perfectly fits to me. However, I do it in a modern way. 
I use only high quality materials and do the best I can with help of my own hands, boiled water, olive soap and fantasy.

Handmade pure sheep wool comforters duvets pillows by LabosNakties

Here is a story of Labos nakties (Good night). Please visit the SHOP.

IDEA: "This began with my mother's experience. At the age of seniors, the parents left the bustle of the city and created a farm in a countryside. Mom was interested in trying something new so she began to raise sheep. I used my mother's knitted woolen products and I enjoyed it without taking a thought why a store-bought wool is not so warm. My children have used grandmother‘s homemade wool comforters for a couple of years. Finally, I realized that all this is the woolly wishes of countryside I would love to share with others." - shop owner Daina.
PRODUCTS: We produce naturally processed wool filled duvets and pillows marketed under the name "Labos Nakties" ("Good Night"). The wool we use is locally farmed, untreated by chemicals and hand-washed only using natural soap, thus preserving its lanolin and ensuring that the wool retains that warm feel and texture, so essential to the finished product.

HOW WE MAKE IT: "Good Night" products are handmade, starting from sheep farming to the final product. Sheep shearing at the farm takes place over a few days and is an interesting sight. Also of interest is 'wool carding', a mechanical process that disentangles, cleans and intermixes fibers to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing. Finally wool webs lies on a luxury cotton cloth, and professional seamstresses hands turns it to lovely bedding.
ECO-FRIENDLY, CHEMICALS FREE: "Labos nakties" production is very close to Mother Nature. Not only the wool we use is natural itself but its processing is also. Commercially processed wool is washed using chemicals. We hand-wash wool using natural soap. The chosen method of processing is much heavier but it ensures high-quality and is environment friendly. "Labos Nakties" products use wool untreated by chemicals, thus retaining all its best features. We preserve natural lanolin, a fatty substance which helps to preserve wool's' softness and waviness. Wool is not only the least vulnerable, but also is pleasant to cuddle up.

Felted wool slippers, pet beds and interior elements by SimplicityOfFelt

Simplicity Of Felt - because I like simple and high-quality items made with love says Simona. And here is her SHOP and about story.

My name is Simona and I am the owner of this shop.
I am happy to offer my handmade works here on Etsy. Felting is my passion, my hobby that became full time job several years ago when I decided to quit my job in advertising agency. Since then every day is like a holiday, because now my job is my pleasure.
 I work from my home studio, where I have some space for my wool and all of my felted items :). It is quite convenient, as I can be not only a felt maker but also wife and mom at the same time :). I work hard, sometimes I only work, eat and sleep, but that is my lifestyle and I LOVE living that way. 
 I love simple and original things that are made in good quality, that's why I pay lot of attention to the quality of my items. I am trying to do everything well from the beginning to the final touches. Hope my customers can appreciate that when they receive their packages :).
 P.S. I wish to travel as much as my items do :) I put a flag on the map every time I ship my items and now my map is full of flags and I think I will have to look for a bigger map soon :)

With best wishes from Lithuania,

Beaded leather bracelets, Men's leather bracelets by Kutadesign

If you like minimalist style, you are in the right jewelry box. Visit Kutadesign SHOP
And here Laura's about story.

Laura, designer from Lithuania. I was graphic designer for more than ten years. As a woman I naturally was interested in fashion, wanted to dress and to wear something special. That was a problem because it was hard to find clothes or jewelry what I had in my mind. From my early years I tried to solve such "problems" by making clothes myself.
KUTA story began, when my fiancé proposed to find a hobby, because everybody should have it. Somehow I had forgotten to have such thing. I found it in no time – “designing and making jewelry” I thought will be it. Of course in the beginning all models were for me and only me until I posted one model on Facebook. Many likes and interested people encouraged me to make jewelry not only for me and friends but also to offer for broader audience.
Years passed, my hobby became my work and work became a hobby. And I am very glad for that, because as a graphic designer I always valued work which involved creativity. Till 2016 bracelets were worn by Lithuanian women, now it's time to show bracelets to the rest of the world :) I registered in 2015, but only from 2016 trying to put my works here and trying to find how things works on ETSY :) Hope I will find many jewelry lowers here! 
If you are interested in minimalist, classic, modern jewelry design and you found something what you like, fell free to look in my shop and imagine it as your own jewelry box.

With personal attitude just for You,

Felted shawls, slippers, baby booties, jewelry by FeltStudioVART

Here is felted distinctive accessories by Vaida Petreikis. Shop FeltStudioVART and all the story.

My name is Vaida, I live in the middle of Europe, in a small country near the Baltic Sea – in Lithuania. Felt came into my life in 2006, at first just as a hobby, but, step by step, this evolved into something else. It’s my passion. It’s my self-expression. My lifestyle. I just believe in what I do. I felt various shawls, ruffle scarves, arm warmers, finger less gloves, slippers, dresses and much more.
Especially I love to make those super cute booties for the smallest ones, for babies! I make jewelry with handmade felt, various interior items from diverse materials, combining different techniques. Felt, metal, wood, stone, even photography - all in one. I love diversity and experiments. In everything. Even my education is quite a strange mix: Bachelor’s degree in Art and Art’s History, Master’s degree in Applied Sociology, Master’s degree in Information Technologies, seven-year studies at the Music school, studies at Textile Art school. I think that all education, all things I did and do in my life are closely related. It's a lifestyle. And art is an inherent part of my life.

By the way, I live in the very center of Kaunas and I love it! Living here allows me to feel the very essence of the city, to participate in its life, to be in it and… To maintain my privacy at the same time. My felt and photo studio is located in an old 19th century building in the main street of Kaunas, so if you ever came to Lithuania, you are welcome in my place! 

Teikia „Blogger“.

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