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Christmas is one of the happiest occasions we celebrate every year and there are countless Christmas decorations and ideas presented by interior stylists and bloggers .
One thing is certain: it takes a lot of space, it's expensive and wasteful to get new trending decorations each year.
Following the Zero Waste idea, we prepared a few tips on decorating your Christmas tree in a natural, eco-friendly way, with ornaments that are made from natural, reused or renewable materials, suitable for composting, take less energy and materials to make, support local craftsmen and small businesses and are made to last.
And most important of all it will give your home a beautiful natural look and a festive feel.

Here are ornaments made from the most common natural, renewable, zero waste materials.

Renewable, compostable material, that fills your home with warmth and woody scent and gives it an instant rustic look. Keep an eye out for toxic paint or glue.
Set of Natural Wood Ornaments by MadeWithLoveByAleksi
Set of three Rustic Star Ornaments, natural and eco-friendly, made from fir bark from coastal forest by kaleda
Wool and felt traditionally associate with winter time, crackling wood in the fire place, cozy and warm evenings. Although it's non vegan, but is another popular craft material, that can be recycled or composted. Be careful, some felt ornaments might be stuffed with polyester filling.
Real Oak Acorn Cap and hand felted Ball Ornaments. Comes packed in a craft box from VART
Perfect Christmas tree decoration for rustic or country holidays. Made by mellsva
JurgitaNeedleFelting made this quaint Red Bolete Ornament , it just breathes vintage feel.
Four Little Red Gnomes will cheer up every child and grown up. Gnomes are made of felted wool balls, felt and hand embroidered with beads by JoyfulRiver
Linen ornaments give more vintage country feel, usually come in calm earthy tones and is easy to match within most interiors.  Linen is also eco-friendly material.
Cotton is the most versatile fabric, ornaments can be sewn, knitted, crocheted or knotted, it only depends on creativity and time.
Ceramic ones are pricier, but sturdy and will last longer, not so Zero Waste, due to energy required to make, so choose carefully, go for quality, check local the ceramic artists, visit the workshops with the family to make unique and personal ones. Ceramic ornaments are a great family keepsake for passing down to kids.
Christmas Cloth Linen Angel Ornament from DovileDollart
Six White Unique Snowflakes from SnowflakesStories
Christmas Tree Heart Ornament. Handmade, packed in the box with some wood shavings by CozyHomeIdeas
Acorns, pine cones, conifer cones, decorative twigs, dried berries, nutshells, evergreens go well as ornaments, centrepiece, presented in bowls or baskets.
All you need to do, is just have a nice afternoon in the local park or forest.
Classic and elegant Wreath from SecretGardenn. Made from paper, jute rope and pine cones.
Eco friendly Handmade Soy Wax Candles in Walnut Shell. Amazing idea by LessCandles
When choosing an ornament for your Christmas tree follow a few simple tips:
* Go for color range that compliments your home. Neutral colors, earth, black, coffee, gold, silver always look good with any decorating style.
*Play with size and shape of spheres, combine stars, snowflakes, reindeer figurines, saints, angels. Mix and match different materials and textures.
*Decorate Your Christmas tree with white lights, they will always look good and can be used season after season without worrying, that it will not match colors of that year.

Pine Cones
Cotton String/Jute Rope
Wrap the thin rope inside the scales of each pine cone
Leave approximately 10cm of rope between each cone.
Make simple loop-knot at the end and trim excess rope.
Hang up and enjoy !

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