Woman knitted clothes, sweater, headband, hats, brooch by JolantaKnit

Here is Jolanta's SHOP and her story.... ;)
I am happy thrusting woman, I have two wonderful adult children and has a loving husband. I very much appreciate all that is natural, real and unique. Thorough and responsible job. All my life I have worked in a job requiring accountability and, therefore, their creative work is performed in the same way. With family have a wonderful paradise on earth, we grow their own vegetables, fruits and berries, we have to love the animals that flit freely in our meadow. So after any outdoor work and return to my knitting.
I started to knit for a very long time as a little girl, just 12 years old. Affiliating and my mother and grandmother. I am very careful and responsible. Knit with love and care. I have to work a little, but they are all very neat and handmade.
The shop was created by me and encouraged me to like doing, not only to their families but also for the wide ambushes my youngest daughter, the artist - a painter Rasa Vilčinskaitė, Etsy name RasaVilJewelry.
I am grateful to the people around me for their sincere support.

Handmade Crocheted Jewelry by EdoraJewels

Edmunda's SHOP and her story....
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life [Confucius]
This words made revolution in my life. In the very end of the winter of 2012 I made my very first primitive brooch. My husband sold it and others for his collegues. After few month I decide to learn some techniques and in July of the same year I crocheted first bead rope. That was the beginning of my new way of life. 
Now jewelry is part of my world. I have more happiness, shining eyes, got huge amount of compliments. Somebody calls me a real artist. I don't care it's true or not. I just do what my hands and eyes wants.
I'm very happy to create creation - some image, something new and with feeling.
So that's why you can find phrase "some elements and findings can be not the same but similar as in pictures" - I'm not factory and I don't have huge amount of the same findings, beads and etc.

Let the garment talk then you are silent with ATUKO

I believe we can express our inner world and the depth of our souls through clothes better than words.

Hey everyone!

I am Atene Malinauskaite. ATUKO is my pseudonym. That's how my husband refers to me. One day I realised that's exactly the name I want to be known by.
Here, in Lithuania, I have a degree in fashion design. During the studies I was known amongst other students for my distinct style, sense of fashion & ambitious personality.
Creativity is the love of my life (sorry beloved husband). I can't recall a single day that I've not been creating new clothes, collections or jewellery in my mind.
The worst case is if I'm still up late at night doing it, which means I won't be able to fall asleep at all. I don't even want to rest when I'm creating! (Have I mentioned that it's the love of my life and all my dreams revolve around it?) :)
 When I create I always do it for myself, always try to imagine what I wish for, and what clothes I want to have next season or even next year. I also emphasise on the comfort, freedom, exclusivity, elegance, and of course the quality of the materials. I love minimalism and I believe that the beauty is in the simplicity, the femininity in the secret and the value in the quality. Only a woman that looks aesthetically can create the feeling of luxury and harmony.
I believe we can express our inner world and the depth of our souls through clothes better than words.
My dream is to open my own boutique some day as i sincerely believe that I am heading that way. In the meantime my creations are sold in a few well known boutiques in Lithuania.
I deeply care about each and every one of my clients and I hope everyone is more than satisfied. So please if you have any questions or wishes do not hesitate to contact me. I promise we will find the solution to your query.

I will be looking forward to meeting you in my shop!

Natural linen textile - Aprons, towels, napkins, bags by CozyLinen

Here is CozyLinen SHOP and story....

I am Simona and this my Cozy Linen shop.
Here you can find linen goods not only for Your home, but even for Your farm house or vacation.
So how everything begun and is it real LOVE?
I was born in a little tow near the Baltic sea. My mother and granny worked in a fabric of linens and all my childhood I was surrounded of linen fabrics.
Maybe this is the reason I fall in love with this material.
That's how I decided not only use it for myself but to share my hand made products with you.
Specification of linen
Linen is a wonderful natural fabric. It is very durable, washes easily and dry quickly. Linen is perfect to use in your kitchen and home. And for sure it is one of the best decision for commercial use. Restaurants, cafes and flower shops are very satisfied when using linen.
This perfect natural fabric are just adorable when You need to decorate Your wedding table too.
My main goals are happy and satisfied clients.
So I use only the best Lithuanian linen. I can help You to choose product You need and make a custom order when You will need something different.
If You have any questions I will answer all of them so don't hesitate and ask.
Hope we will have good time collaborating.

Best wishes, Simona

Wooden greeting cards from COZYWOOD

Adorable wooden greeting cards SHOP CozyWood and their story...
Here you can find original greeting cards and prints with original paintings made by me, printed on REAL WOOD (!!!) . Wood cards are super thin, flexible absolutely natural and nice to touch!

Each wooden greeting card – cozy and unique, because different wood has special texture and color, so you'll never find two identical greeting cards! They are original, unique and ECO-FRIENDLY!
Our cards are designed for everyone who is looking for original and extraordinary product !!!

Custom orders are welcome!

Handmade baby bedding, gifts, quilts, pillows, toys by CotandCot

We introduce you CotandCot SHOP and their handmade cotton baby bedding. 
I believe that everything made by hand, somehow has it soul. Every time I hold a piece of fabric, I know, that something magical is about to happen. And it is not only about the colors or texture, but mostly the emotion and intention which you put in to every single item. I guess it even couldn’t be otherwise, as we are dedicating our hard work to the most beloved and adored children.
“Cot and cot” is a crafty family business kind team. Newborns, babies, toddlers, kids - they all are in the limelight of our inspiration, future hopes and dreams. It is our job to surround children with the best we can. So the main direction of “Cot and cot” is to provide all kind of textile items for a baby room. These are sets for cribs and cots, baby beds, baby/toddler bedding, quilts, decorative pillows. Everything is made from 100% cotton fabric, created in unique design and made by hand.
However, fabric crafts are way more than that - ideas are expanding every day, so time to time we add some magic and wonderful new items are being made :) I can not wait to share it with you!

Knit creations by KnittedLT

KnittedLT story and adorable SHOP
My name is Rasa, I am a mother of 3 kids and passionate full-time crafter. My mother in law Delida is mother of 4 adult sons, retired from her day job she found herself in her favourite hobby - knitting. We've opened this shop as the window to the whole world for our knit creations! Crafts and especially knitting are very popular in Lithuania. Almost every mother and grandmother knits for their families. We do it full-time:) 
 We select the best yarn for our items. For Winter organic wool, for babies - alpaca, baby merino, natural silk, for Summer - cotton, silk. We know our suppliers, choose mostly organic yarn especially for baby items. I like to make natural clothes for my kids, soft and pleasant to skin. The same we offer for you!

Handmade Breastfeeding & Teething Jewelry by EcoTeething

EcoTeething story and SHOP

ECO TEETHING — breastfeeding necklaces, nursing necklaces, teething necklaces - all in one! Whether you are feeding naturally or formula feeding, this jewelry is perfect for you. They are made only from natural and organic materials and completely harmless to infants or children.
 Best things about ECO TEETHING jewelry:

* Helps to keep babies concentrated during feeds
* Prevents from hair-pulling, putting fingers into your mouth, etc. during feeds
* Encourage sensory stimulation and motoric skills
* Perfect jewelry for women, mothers or even young ladies...
* Can help to calm down your baby
* Can be used as teething toys
* Perfect when you have your baby in baby carrier or sling
* A great gift for a baby shower
* Can be a beautiful memory when kids grow up and can start wearing jewelry by themselves (suitable mostly for girls)
ECO TEETHING jewelry are made ​​only from natural and organic materials. We use unfinished wooden beads. They are suitable for children to play or even chew on.
For crochet we use 100 % cotton yarn, which is absolutely safe for adults, infants and kids.

Important! This jewelry is designed to be worn by adults, children can play with them only under the supervision of an adult. Do not leave children alone with these products.

Handmade wooden blocks, Decorative blocks, Baby blocks by Lapalai

Writers of wooden stories and their SHOP
LAPALAI - a creative label, which hides our 3 member family: me- Aušra, Tomas and little Ūla. We started our business in 2013 manufacturing various wooden things for children. But later on we understood that exactly wooden blocks is the thing which we like doing. The blocks involved us into the wonderful creation process. Every time thinking about a new block set we feel a pleasant thrill and impatience to accomplish what is our minds. 
Inspiration usually comes itself from the nature, from people, form music, books, pieces of art ...
The process of manufacturing is long, because we it is a handiwork. Only after long hours of precise work with untreated ash wood, the blocks turn into unique pieces of art. 
 They decorate homes and provide with happiness - to play and create one's own wooden stories not only for kids, but also for the adult as well. We guaranty the quality and longevity - the blocks will delight some generations. As wooden blocks - eternal classic. 

Nature inspired home decorations by Mellsva

New story about Mellsva and her SHOP

My name is Giedra Bartas. Mellsva project engages my 3 biggest passions of life - gardening, crafting and photography.

I do belong to visual creatives and the path of my life always went along the sense of sight. Endless patterns of colors and shapes of our mother Nature gives me a great joy of constant discovering. My pictures and my crafts show the way i see this world and i am grateful for this possibility to make an impact. 
I prefer nature themed crafting and enjoy working with natural materials like wood, bark, grasses and wool.

Nature amazes me more and more with years and i love being active under the sun. I do enjoy living life fully at this present moment, dipping into the real tastes and following real values. If i am not at my home office working and not traveling, then i probably gone gardening, crafting or doing something else outdoors.
 I love woods and it`s charming life cycle is a great inspiration to me. You just have to keep your eyes open, be quiet and patient and all the forest`s secrets unroll naturally to your feet... If not woods, then gardens - I am a garden writer, photographer and plant collector, contributing with garden magazines and creating planting plans for small urban and suburb gardens (mostly makeovers).

My daughter is very artistic as well. We often paint or draw together just for fun, and she clearly sees herself having an own Etsy shop in the future :) 

Teikia „Blogger“.

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