Design with a Story by SKURAdesign

A story by SKURAdesign and their SHOP

Samogitia (also known as Zemaitija) in Lithuania is our home. Thick forests and gorgeous lakes protected ancient traditions for centuries and showed us the true value of things. We believe that if our beloved nature is generous and harmonic, people and they surroundings should be the same. That is why we encourage conscious and meaningful consumption, that is why our designed products has an inspiring idea of a long term friendship – between substance and soul.
Unexpected combinations of natural materials we use turn every object into unique handmade piece of craft-art which enliven interiors during the day & especially at night. Design itself reaches to the basics of wild nature and brings out the art quality in modern design.

We are sister and brother surrounded by many like wise people – together we share same core values and create the essence of SKURA design. Our team consists of professional jewelers, product designers, interior designers and network of experienced mentors. We do our best to enrich your home with quality products with a story.

Custom handmade clothes by OffOn

OffOn story and shop. OffOn truly believes in the handmade items. 
 OffOn was born when two, together working and creating family members, Simona and Paulius, decided to express their passion for vintage clothes and started to create their own simple handmade items. Label has grown slowly and organically. It matches timeless classics with fashionable style for a modern look. The style of the clothing is brought to life through clean lines, simple shapes, impeccable tailoring, with great quality fabrics in beautiful prints.
 We love running this our little shop! So if you have any questions, concerns, problems, new ideas, etc. we want to hear from you, please message us.

Concrete home decor by BetonDeko

Please meet BetonDeco short story. And here is the SHOP

Everything you see is handmade by me with love and care. I love what I do. I design and make modern home accessories made of concrete. For me, concrete is one of the most beautiful materials. Each piece is completely unique. The variations in gray tones and texture irregularities are due to the nature of concrete.
I hope you like my products as much as I love creating them.

Artist Teddy bears, Digital Teddy bear patterns by SoftlyBearPaw

Short Softly Bear Paw story and SHOP

My name is Simona and I am a little bit crazy about Teddy bears.
All my childhood I was surrounded by art. I was interested in art, photography. I graduated Clothes design. But after all I chose a photographers life. So photography is my job.
As a lot of women I can’t live without crafts. So from 2011 I started making Teddy bears. Of course my first Teddy was just a simple sitting toy, without moving parts. Over time I learned a lot and now I can make real Artist Teddy Bears from my own created patterns. Creating Teddy bears is a big passion of mine. I use only the best materials: German mohair fur, viscose, alpaca, suede, silk ribbons, glass eyes and other.
I am always searching for new ideas, making new patterns and different Teddy bears. I sell my patterns too.
My creations found homes all over the world. So I hope you will find here a Teddy which will be your best friend ;)

Best wishes and hugs, Simona

P.S. In the future I wish to publish a Teddy bear making book with my patterns and detailed instructions, how to create your own Teddy bear. Hope someday my wish will come true. 

Handmade wool felt clogs, slippers, boots, leg warmers by WoolenClogs

Handmade felted shoes story and WoolenClogs SHOP ....
Local sheep wool usually is rough, like the most North European breeds. But it felts so good! It is too rough for thin felting projects, but perfect for felted footwear! 
Undyed natural wool is with lanolin, even few staples of moss or straw, but it is so alive compared to chemically treated wool. And the product is real pleasure to the feet - breathable, warm, absolutely natural.
We use only natural undyed Lithuanian and European wool for our footwear.
We are glad that Etsy helps us to share products of our land (with a touch of our hands:)) with all the world!
 Woolenclogs were created in 2011 by Rasa, who is a feltmaker since 2009. Tadas joined Rasa in 2013 as an apprentice an quickly became a maker in his own right. He is now creating woolen clogs together with Rasa. In 2014 as the shop grew Aiste joined the team as curator.

Miniature Food jewelry, polymer clay jewelry by DzyDzydesign

Small sweet creations and DzyDzydesign story....

I'm an art loving daydreamer from a small country Lithuania.
For me designing & creating something is the best feeling in the world. Creating makes me happy and it's the best way to express myself.
My first friendship with sculpting began in 2008, when my sister introduced me with polymer clay. Just like everyone, at the beginning I had no idea what I'm doing with clay :)) Than later on I discovered something very calming and relaxing in sculpting. Something about it made me happy.
I started created food jewellery because it's different from other kind of jewellery. In my opinion is fun, colorful and interesting. I try to make as minimal as possible designs, in my on way. So it looks cool & very different from other creators.

Adorable handmade baby goods by GeraBloga

 Story behind Gera Bloga

My name is Dovilė Mikelėnienė. I create stylish, natural clothing and accessories for little ones with my mother and our small team under the name Gera Bloga. I live and work in Lithuania, where I’m also a mother to beautiful twin girls and wife to a loving and supportive husband. 
My story begins with the birth of my twins – they were so small and fragile when they were born that they were cold even in the middle of summer. At one point, the NICU nurse suggested I have someone knit natural, coarse wool vests for them to wear on their bare skin, so my mom came to the rescue with two tiny handmade vests. They were such a lifesaver! After my mom knit those little vests, I had a thought: nature knows best when it comes to protecting and caring for your babies. If handmade clothing could be natural and comfortable, while also modern and beautiful, it would be perfect for my babies — and for other babies around the world. That led my mom and I to create our collection of natural handmade clothing.
 In recent years, fast living and fast consumption — buying things you don’t need and then throwing them away — has become less and less attractive to me. I want to create necessary things, and I want them to be valuable. I believe in nonsense-free baby clothes that are simple, pure, and made for a baby’s adventures: the kinds of things you can pass from one child to the next, from one family to another.
 And last but not least thing to add: Would you like to know what does Gera Bloga mean? It would be really very very easy for you to guess if you spoke Lithuanian. It means “Good and bad”- it’s a little pun in Lithuanian vocabulary we call that way of knit stitch and purl stitch: “good eye and bad eye” which at the end makes beautiful clothing for your little one!

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Handmade genuine leather goods by KeepAnEyeLeather

This time we introduce KeepAnEyeLeather SHOP and their story...

My name is Greta. I currently live in Lithuania, which is my home land. Handcrafts have been always close to my heart wherever I go. I like bringing new ideas and projects to my life and it certainly makes it more colorful! 

 I love the smell, the look and the story of leather. Each and single piece of leather is unique and it takes time to understand the character of different leathers. Leather does not give you a 'second chance'.
Day by day, making goods from leather I simply fell in love with it and I am ready to share it with you.

Bow ties, pocket squares, bandanas, hankies by WingedBowTies

Here is a  WingedBowTies SHOP and story...

Behind every Etsy shop is a person. So it's me :-)
My name is Janina and I’m the designer, maker, stylist behind Winged Bow Ties. I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
My first bow tie was sewn so many years ago. It was designed for my brother for his wedding. Before establishing my design studio, year-by-year I did what I NEEDED to do but finally I can do what I WANT! And I'm very happy about this. I can say, that my dreams come true!
I work in a beautiful small home studio and I love it so much. It’s a very cozy place for me, because I can hear singing birds, I can see trees and flowers through my window. It's very important for me, because I don't like noise of the city.
When I’m creating, I think of the man or woman, who is going to wear my bow tie. In other words, I think about people who appreciate individuality. Getting to do what I love for people all over the world brings me great joy, because it’s so good to know that somewhere on the other side of the earth is a person who is wearing my bow tie.
It’s only been some months since I started my business but owning it and being creative every day brings me great joy.
 My favorite part of the process is going to the fabric shops. I can spend a lot of time there because I'm most inspired by fabrics - colors, textures, designs. All ideas of my bow ties born by the way from fabric shops to my home. Then I draw some sketches in my mind.
I also like packing my bow ties for it's traveling. All bow ties have a paper box or a special fabric bag. Here you will find a small sign of me - a wooden bow.
I got a globe from my children as a gift in order I could check where my bow ties are traveling. It's so nice, isn't? ;-)

Bridal Hair accessories & jewelry and LavenderByJurgita

LavenderByJurgita SHOP and story...
LavenderByJurgita is bridal jewelry brand founded in 2009 by designer Jurgita after she earned Master degree in Fashion Design and Technologies from Lithuania University .
Jurgita makes each and every pretty piece using a high quality lovely vintage components , filigree pieces , brooches , plated combs.
This new entire collection combines her interest in the history of bridal fashions and future bridal trends to produce a stunning collection of bridal jewelry and accessories every bride will want to wear. Pieces are a beautiful marriage of modern and vintage elements, constructed with SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ crystals and pearls to give the pieces the perfect bridal spark.
Currently we are very proud to have a lot of satisfied customers all over the world, also sold in several boutiques throughout Canada, US, Europe and Australia.

Personalized gifts with cross stitch by RedPin

Here is RedPin SHOP and the story of needle.

Sheet of fabric, fiber and needle…

Everyone nowadays is in search to find accessories, that would be one of the kind, had a potential to use it each day. One of them finds it in shop, another gets it on market. Third one borrows it after investigation grandmas loft. 
I tried all these possibilities, and found none attractions… attractions that could make my heart beat harder and faster. So I understood, that best accessories will be made by myself, cause it will have piece of my heart, I will know real price of each millimeter of it. I needed to get myself a hobby.
20 years ago my mother teached me my first cross stitch...It was a small picture with crooked stitches , but it was the just beginning...One picture go after other picture and they fill my leisure. 
I have found cross stitch again when I became mother. Two my daughters inspire me to create mostly for children and not only for them... Usually my item is personalized, so it is unique, so can be a good present. I am on goal to produce everything with piece of my heart, cause I respect each item that evenly. So your wish for handmade item from me with definitely have a piece of my heart and respect.

Sheet of fabric, fiber and needle… that’s all I need to make my day… random from yesterday and upcoming tomorrow….

Flower girls dresses by Petit de Lin

Here is a story of Petit de Lin and SHOP
Petit de Lin is a one-woman show. Yet without the support of my family, friends, and acquaintances, it wouldn't be able to survive and prosper on its own.

First of all, I am a mother and wife. With non-stop noise and scattered toys, life with two little boys can be quite a challenge! My work space is a treasure chest for my little pirates. Fun for them means discovering a box of threads and emptying its contents on the floor. Should I be caught off guard, they are ready to try their skills on my sewing machine!
Being a mother and homemaker is not enough for me. I also need to busy myself with other activities that I love and which help me become a better human being. After graduating from apparel design studies, I realized that I did not want to work for somebody else, to simply be a tiny part of large process. I need to have my hands on the entire process: to design, create, make, produce, and communicate with customers. Of course, I do make mistakes along the way. Yet I know that I have nobody else to blame for my errors. It helps me become stronger, to move forward, and to progress.

I have an outgoing personality. Since becoming a mommy, I can no longer just improvise to meet up with friends, whether for a simple coffee in the city, for an impromptu camping trip, or for a relaxing holiday by the sea. Instead I've discovered new friendships online, in the comfort of my own home. These new friends also juggle motherhood with creating their artisan projects at home. We are all a part of the wonderful Etsy community. We give each other advice and exchange constructive criticism. I am a proud member of the Etsy Lithuania Team!
Last but not least, I love my country – Lithuania. It is an amazing country with even more amazing forests and countryside. Top quality flax is grown in Lithuania. Linen is the textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is very labor-intensive to produce yet the fabric is highly valued how it feels cool to the touch in hot weather. The linen tradition in Lithuania goes back many centuries. Long ago, women used to spend the long, cold winters weaving linen and sewing everything out of it for the family: shirts, pants, blouses, underwear, children's clothes, towels, sheets....That is why I choose to continue the tradition and work with linen. I absolutely adore the fragrance of natural unbleached linen. It reminds me of fields of new grass, the wind, and fresh summer rain.

What are my plans for the future? Create and and create. I hope that I never have to work for anybody else and that my etsy shop will live on for a long, long time!

Original artworks by Asta

 Please meet the artist Asta and visit her SHOP
My name is Asta and I am freelance artist. Painting is a passion for me and is the way I can express my feelings, thoughts, visions I have in my mind. What is very important for me - do this in the way I want, in the way I see the world around me. Usually colorful and playful paintings dominate in my portfolio - warm and bright colors help me to express warm feelings and good emotions which I want to share with the viewers.
I like to play with colors the most. Usually I’m painting on canvas with acrylic. Sometimes I like to paint with ink on paper and add some watercolor. One day I decided to paint some cats’ illustrations for children. I liked it and I’m still doing it! :)
I’m an artist and don’t have normal days :). Painting is my passion and job. Sometimes I paint during the night, sometimes I get up, make my breakfast and start to paint. Sometimes I have a lazy day when I’m looking for an inspiration and need to read a book, go to the Tallinn city center or somewhere else.

Let your imagination go and I hope you will enjoy my artwork!

Teikia „Blogger“.

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