3 winter Holiday table decor ideas in Scandinavian style

It is no a secret, Christmas table decor can be loud! Treat your dining guests to sensible experience, that not only looks but also feels extraordinary. Get inspired with the refreshing Holiday table decor ideas by Simona, the owner of Cozy Linen.
Family gatherings and festive dinners.
Simona, what does make holidays so merry and happy?

-For me, Christmas equals family gatherings and festive dinners. I remember my childhood and all those feelings when my grandmother was decorating the table… It was a tradition to use the best and most beautiful tablecloth. Homes were filled with a smell of cookies and cinnamon, and all our family was happily crooning Christmas melodies. Oh, that perfect times and old traditions.
Nowadays I have my own kids and we create new ways to spice up our Christmas but keep some old traditions too. Beautiful natural linen tablecloth and napkins are still the mane decor element for the table setting. But now we are more in sustainable and ecological living so trying to decorate our home with something old and a little bit new, not to spend too much and make it minimal but gorgeous. Less is more! - It is an old and wonderful rule.
Handmade soy wax candles and wax melts for home decor.
Bleached Italian Ruscus.
Tradicional linen table textile.
Rustic wood table and chares.
You are making linen textiles for home, but how about other details you are using in your photoshoots and home?

-We have a great Etsy sellers team here in Lithuania. And I always met new people who are very talented and make gorgeous things. I can not share thing or use them in my daily life and photoshoots if I don't believe in them and I see bad quality. Many of my clients are asking for recommendations about dishes, silverware or even flower choices, so I can recommend only the best things I have tested myself.
White pumpkins perfectly fit for winter holidays.
Decorate your table with dried Broom Bloom.
Birch candle for woodland inspiration.
Photos taken by Simona Benetyte
So what can you recommend to our readers?

-Oh, I have a full list of this Christmas photoshoot members.
A few years ago, during our collaboration photoshoot, I met Migle (her shop MiLiCrafts). She is making wonderful soy wax candles. They are so adorable natural and if you wish you can order them with cinnamon or other aromas. I use them every day, but they perfectly fit for a festive table setting too. MiLiCrafts have different styles of candles which can fit in any decor.
I fall in love with wonderful handmade pottery by MrBowlCeramics. You can see how one set of ceramics was perfectly blurred in with all three different table settings. I love how uneven handmade pottery edges can look and that beautiful white matte glaze texture with small brown dots. Each piece is unique and may have imperfections that are perfect for me and shows the real handmade.
For this photoshoot and upcoming holiday dinners, I choused dried and bleached Italian Ruscus and dried broom bloom. And the last but very important tradition in our home is to use my grannies silverware for such important dinners.

Thank you, Simona, for sharing your ideas and pics.
Ceramic appetizer trays.
Traditional table with white and res table textiles.
Handmade ceramic dishes and dried flora.
Red natural linen table runner.

3 minimal Easter table decor ideas

Spring is here and with it comes visions of warmer weather, spring colors and loads of decorations. With a spring comes and Easter holidays.
Easter is not only chocolate and eggs. For some people, this is still an important anniversary, which is closely associated with the religion. Perhaps the best and most important part of Easter is when family and friends come together at the table to share a great meal or play a game of egg tapping.
All photos taken by Simona Benetyte.
Decorate your home in minimalist style for Easter!
Follow this guide with three gorgeous dining settings to achieve minimal Easter decor in your home with themed tableware, homemade accessories and beautiful displays. Bring you fresh ideas that will make your celebration truly one to remember.
Beautiful floristic desingns by si.MONA
Candles with amber by MiLiCrafts
1. For a woodland-inspired theme, bring the great outdoors inside to create a beautiful, fresh setting. This set off a pretty display of dried bent to create a striking ornament over the table that will wow everyone. Choose a ceramic pottery for a modern country look, handmade soy candles and gold decorated eggs to highlight the delicate textures and patterns. Everything combined with a backdrop of Baltic table linens, crisp silverware and naturalistic wisps, this neat little pieces brings a little magic to a beautiful table and meal.
Table stylings by Simona Paulauskiene
Handmade ceramic pottery is something brilliant.
2. The second table shows more simple but not inferior decor. Grey shades are always in trends and this time we use them to show a fresh palette of nature-inspired flowers. To make the table more festive we used egg candles. So this simple setting is easy to make and in the same time it looks modern and beautiful.
Several types of grey shades in this shop.
Grey ceramics fits with all type of table setting.
Soy wax candle eggs is something must have on your table.
3. This Easter table is the trendy one, cause we used coral and pink table linens. This color palette is so warm and meant to be the season highlight. For the centerpiece we used the first and most adorable spring flowers tulips. And for sure the white pottery and beautiful candles was the adorable accent.
White ceramics to brighten pink table.
Softened line are the best choice!
Cement eggs ornaments with gold.


What could be more beautiful than a self made decorations for Easter. These gold leaves marbled concrete eggs will give a modern and sophisticated touch to your Easter decor and make your guests go wow. Gorgeous metallic details is on trend now, so lets make some magic.


  • Concrete eggs (from MiLiSupplies shop)
  • White craft glue (school glue)
  • Deco metal flakes from Rayher 
  • Protective varnish from Rayher (optional)
  • 2 brushes


1. Brush some glue on the egg randomly, do not cover the whole egg, leave some clean space to get a marbled effect.
2. Take a metal leaf and apply it on the glued surface.
3. Smooth the leaf with the dry brush. 
4. Repeat this process in a few steps, because the glue dries quite fast.

5. After you covered all the areas you wanted and the gold leaf stuck nicely brush off the unstuck leaf parts to get beautiful marble imitating edges. 

6. After brushing off the unstuck parts of the gold leaf you will have a small gold leaf shreds. Don't throw them away, simply brush some glue on the uncovered areas and using your fingers stick these shreds to the concrete egg.

7. If you want to the gold marble to remain bright and shiny for a longer time, apply the protective varnish to prevent the metal from oxidation.

Let it dry and here you go, your gold leaf marbled concrete egg is ready to be your perfect Easter decoration made with your own hands.

Teikia „Blogger“.

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