Jewelry, Accessories, Candles, Wax melts by MiLiCrafts

Migle love using nature creations in her handicrafts! So here is her story and Shop ;)
Since I was little girl I loved handicrafts, because my grandmother and grandfather were very handy people. They taught me different techniques of creating beautiful things. My grandmother showed me how to knit, sew, crochet and lots of other different things. My grandfather loves working with wood, so had an opportunity to learn from him. All of their life they learn new things and taught me and others. 

As a child I spend all of my summers at the country side where I learn to love nature and use gifts of it for my handicrafts. I liked playing with wood branches, reed canes and grass stems.
As an adult I searched myself for a long time where I belong, what should I be and what should I work. And one day I decided that I want to develop the knowledge and skills given me by my grandparents and open my handicraft shop on Etsy. From that day I make hand-crafted items filled with love and inspired by nature.

Unique jewellery art by DovileJewellery

It's a pleasure to introduce very unique artist DovileJewellery. Here is her story and SHOP.

Hello lovely people!
My name is Dovile. I am Lithuanian jewellery artist currently living and working in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, United Kingdom.

I have studied jewellery and smithery in Vilnius Academy of Arts (Telsiai, Lithuania), Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). 
Past three years I was responsible for running the jewellery studio/workshop in Vilnius, tutored jewellery basics.
I'm actively participating in contemporary jewellery projects and exhibitions.

In the process of working, I approach the different materials with the intention to establish a form of dialogue with it. I am trying to find shapes which have no predictable meaning of jewellery being. Mostly I look through painter‘s and sculpture‘s eye rather than jewellers. At the same time, the leading role in materials takes the metal or wood.
The combination of fragile and monumental materials interacts into the pieces I made. Furthermore, the values which have not depended on cultural or time changes for me are essential in contrast with human fragility, soul‘s aches.

Thank you for visiting!

Love and Life

Red Hair Flower by WingedBlossoms
Botanical ring with rose by Agnera
Vintage flowers iPhone6 case by SoBestCase
White Linen MacBook 12 Case by BluCase
Canvas floral Painting by artbyasta
Blush Pink Flower Hair Clip by Florentes
White floral dress by xiaolizi
Skinny Tie Floral by DAZIusa
Floral Vans by atelierChloe
Floral Boho Backpack by NAZVA
Colorful bright bracelet by SolarFlower
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Flowers Digital Prints by Reprintables

Handcrafted iPad Cases, MacBook felt Cases, Handmade by CitySheepStore

Our story unfolds far away from urban noise, crowded areas and active city life. It takes its start in calm and boundless fields somewhere in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where finest wool merino sheep graze.
Wool felt - one of the oldest man made textiles - hits the streets again these days.
Our accessories are intended for you - active, free and curious people, open to novelties and a little wild. That’s why we focus our efforts on life facilitating functionality, world saving beauty and pure authenticity.
Every CITYSHEEP item is a distinctive creation made of natural materials and inspired by minimalism and urban aesthetics. 
 And everything started with a wish to lend a new value to old authentic items and transfer some of that value to our modern times. The idea of creating casual felt accessories came by chance, as we discovered merino wool felt intended for products of design. This material is very durable, yet soft, mild and colour saturated. A perfect choice for sophisticated interior, clothing and accessory solutions. We delved into the study of history of this material and its functional characteristics, and simply couldn’t refrain from trying our hands at it. After receiving our first roll of felt we started to experiment.

At first we didn’t have the slightest idea neither of felt, nor of its technological characteristics or ease of working. But we had a vision that our items should be different than usual, aesthetic, functional, high-quality and durable. And although wool felting was already counting centuries until humans learned to weave textiles, we had to make an extra effort to learn to manage this material with precision. Thus in a couple of years of daily endeavour and search the first CITYSHEEP cases were born. Inspiring user responses urged us to move on…
 Today we use genuine leather and natural German-milled 100% Merino wool design felt which is appreciated world over as very high quality and durable material, preferred by renowned fashion and interior designers. For some of our collections we use a truly unique and precious vegetable tanned leather.

So let us start our acquaintance with CITYSHEEP genuine leather and felt cases for iPhone, iPad, MacBook devices, and in the future we promise to present you an assortment of clothing and interior accessories refined to the smallest detail.

Teikia „Blogger“.

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