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A story by SKURAdesign and their SHOP

Samogitia (also known as Zemaitija) in Lithuania is our home. Thick forests and gorgeous lakes protected ancient traditions for centuries and showed us the true value of things. We believe that if our beloved nature is generous and harmonic, people and they surroundings should be the same. That is why we encourage conscious and meaningful consumption, that is why our designed products has an inspiring idea of a long term friendship – between substance and soul.
Unexpected combinations of natural materials we use turn every object into unique handmade piece of craft-art which enliven interiors during the day & especially at night. Design itself reaches to the basics of wild nature and brings out the art quality in modern design.

We are sister and brother surrounded by many like wise people – together we share same core values and create the essence of SKURA design. Our team consists of professional jewelers, product designers, interior designers and network of experienced mentors. We do our best to enrich your home with quality products with a story.

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