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My name is Asta and I am freelance artist. Painting is a passion for me and is the way I can express my feelings, thoughts, visions I have in my mind. What is very important for me - do this in the way I want, in the way I see the world around me. Usually colorful and playful paintings dominate in my portfolio - warm and bright colors help me to express warm feelings and good emotions which I want to share with the viewers.
I like to play with colors the most. Usually I’m painting on canvas with acrylic. Sometimes I like to paint with ink on paper and add some watercolor. One day I decided to paint some cats’ illustrations for children. I liked it and I’m still doing it! :)
I’m an artist and don’t have normal days :). Painting is my passion and job. Sometimes I paint during the night, sometimes I get up, make my breakfast and start to paint. Sometimes I have a lazy day when I’m looking for an inspiration and need to read a book, go to the Tallinn city center or somewhere else.

Let your imagination go and I hope you will enjoy my artwork!

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