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Here is a story of Petit de Lin and SHOP
Petit de Lin is a one-woman show. Yet without the support of my family, friends, and acquaintances, it wouldn't be able to survive and prosper on its own.

First of all, I am a mother and wife. With non-stop noise and scattered toys, life with two little boys can be quite a challenge! My work space is a treasure chest for my little pirates. Fun for them means discovering a box of threads and emptying its contents on the floor. Should I be caught off guard, they are ready to try their skills on my sewing machine!
Being a mother and homemaker is not enough for me. I also need to busy myself with other activities that I love and which help me become a better human being. After graduating from apparel design studies, I realized that I did not want to work for somebody else, to simply be a tiny part of large process. I need to have my hands on the entire process: to design, create, make, produce, and communicate with customers. Of course, I do make mistakes along the way. Yet I know that I have nobody else to blame for my errors. It helps me become stronger, to move forward, and to progress.

I have an outgoing personality. Since becoming a mommy, I can no longer just improvise to meet up with friends, whether for a simple coffee in the city, for an impromptu camping trip, or for a relaxing holiday by the sea. Instead I've discovered new friendships online, in the comfort of my own home. These new friends also juggle motherhood with creating their artisan projects at home. We are all a part of the wonderful Etsy community. We give each other advice and exchange constructive criticism. I am a proud member of the Etsy Lithuania Team!
Last but not least, I love my country – Lithuania. It is an amazing country with even more amazing forests and countryside. Top quality flax is grown in Lithuania. Linen is the textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is very labor-intensive to produce yet the fabric is highly valued how it feels cool to the touch in hot weather. The linen tradition in Lithuania goes back many centuries. Long ago, women used to spend the long, cold winters weaving linen and sewing everything out of it for the family: shirts, pants, blouses, underwear, children's clothes, towels, sheets....That is why I choose to continue the tradition and work with linen. I absolutely adore the fragrance of natural unbleached linen. It reminds me of fields of new grass, the wind, and fresh summer rain.

What are my plans for the future? Create and work....work and create. I hope that I never have to work for anybody else and that my etsy shop will live on for a long, long time!

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