Needle felted miniature bears and nursery mobiles by MistrSandman


Here is Gabriele's story.

Is it possible to combine studies for a degree in Opera Directing, work in design and also raise a well educated bear ask you? Well, this I can assure you of. Every bear leaves our home well-mannered and with basic knowledge in modern languages plus possesing considerable skills in method acting and melodious humming (you have to listen very carefully though).
When I am not nodding upon books and musical scores, I'm herding bears and dreaming of horses. And wherever I go, I always dream of coming home.
In Lithuania icy cold groundwaters caress the feet of young birches and the snow is whiter than white in winter. There lies my home, and my heart full of it I carry along with me as I walk throughout the world. There is a piece of it in every bear and every home for a bear is a piece of support for an eye-opening world for everyone that I meet. 

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