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My name is Simona and I am a little bit crazy about Teddy bears.
All my childhood I was surrounded by art. I was interested in art, photography. I graduated Clothes design. But after all I chose a photographers life. So photography is my job.
As a lot of women I can’t live without crafts. So from 2011 I started making Teddy bears. Of course my first Teddy was just a simple sitting toy, without moving parts. Over time I learned a lot and now I can make real Artist Teddy Bears from my own created patterns. Creating Teddy bears is a big passion of mine. I use only the best materials: German mohair fur, viscose, alpaca, suede, silk ribbons, glass eyes and other.
I am always searching for new ideas, making new patterns and different Teddy bears. I sell my patterns too.
My creations found homes all over the world. So I hope you will find here a Teddy which will be your best friend ;)

Best wishes and hugs, Simona

P.S. In the future I wish to publish a Teddy bear making book with my patterns and detailed instructions, how to create your own Teddy bear. Hope someday my wish will come true. 

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