Make Your Home Feel Spooky


 It's the spooky time of the year again and we have a few ideas how to dress the room up, using just a few handmade interior details. If you're not a student or a parent, probably you won't go wild with all the dollar shop stuff, fake cobwebs and plastic skeletons.


For a modest decor, couple of colour coded cushion covers or  spider web coasters or even a felt garland could do a trick (and treat). An easy way is to fill up a black, white or orange basket with pumpkins, candies or anything Halloween related and place it as a centerpiece. There's quite a selection of crochet baskets to buy online. Surely you can go for a natural wicker basket from local crafters or thrift shops.

Go slightly classy and set a little Halloween themed corner or countertop.
 Second after pumpkin, are candles! Double bonus  - pumpkin candles. This combo surely sets the mood. You can never go wrong with candles, especially black, shiny, metallic ones in your interior.
 Stick with traditional Halloween colours, like pumpkin, lime green, black, white and variety of orange. Go for metallic, polished, satin and crystal for a fancy look.

Oh, and a black cat, if you have one, you're all set!
 If Halloween is no fun for you, just fall into a soft linen bedding and sleep all the hassle off.
One way or another, partying from dusk till dawn or culled up on the sofa, we hope, you'll have a fabulous night!

Apples... To eat or not to eat?..

All the week I thought about Halloween, and suddenly I saw an APPLE, yes, an APPLE!!!
Autumn, apple time, apple pie, apple decorations, apple in the garden, apple in the market.. it's a wonderful time, when you feel and smell apples everywhere.. 😊
And sitting in the office I felt an absolutely powerful yearning to find something on the internet to help that autumn feeling along 😊
Every day it gets colder, we spend more and more time at home, so we really need a cozy atmosphere.
CozyHomeIdeas have these wonderful apples in their shop.
This ceramic apple is a wonderful gift and interior detail, I imagine how pleasant it is when somebody opens it and finds something delicious inside.
Or this apple, it smells of late autumn or Christmas...
Soon the apples on the trees will become only a memory, but you can decorate your home in autumn emotions. Mellsva creates these apple garlands.

Cozy home, warm and light around, but what about us? For our personal style BleuetClaymentine sells very realistic jewellery .
And the basic MUST BE in autumn at home is .. of course.. Apple pie, I found this recipe here  in Home is Where the Boat Is.
It could be the best activity on a weekend or an evening, with kids.  And there are many possibilities to decorate this pie, for example with these rolling pins from DoughRoller
That's all for today. ENJOY! Apple time.. mmm, waiting for work hours to end, will go bake my apple pie ;)

Personal wool OOAK dolls by SmallMiraclesDolls

 This time we introducing a wonderful baby dolls author SmallMiraclesDolls.
Here is her story and shop link.

Perfectly handmade - Personal OOAK dolls, Warming microwavable baby toys, New baby gifts
Meet the dolls that are born from dreams and create small miracles in people’s hearts. Each doll as unique as the person it’s being made for himself. 100% handmade, stuffed with warmth, love and care, good thoughts and wishes.
 The main idea for WARMING GNOMES is soft handmade dolls stuffed with wool, with a small bag of salt or buckwheat inside. All you have to do is to warm the bag in the oven or microwave and put it back to the dolls belly. The wool takes the warmth of the bag and the toy stays warm longer, giving your child a snuggy hug and thermal healing.
Each toy lives in his own bag, containing short instructions of using. It’s a perfect gift visiting a newborn!
You can choose one of many available colours and combinations, suitable for a girl, a boy or a baby-surprise. :)
 I also love making OOAK (one-of-a-kind) DOLLS, it's my real passion, which brings a lot of joy and also challenge each time I start a new project.
Why are they so special? They have a little heart inside their chest, something intended for that specific doll and the person it’s being made for. It can be something I feel is needed or anything you bring a meaning – amber, sea stone with a hole, shell, ring, cross… It also has a little note with written wishes or traits for that someone special. Each doll has its own energy and also its own special heart with wishes from me and you.
The doll can be anything you want to. As a boy, it also has something only the boys have – otherwise how would you know it’s a boy? 😉 A child can undress the doll completely, the clothes are removable, so you can wash them or sew something yourself. It’s also useful for the children to train undressing the dolls and fastening the buttons.
The hair is easy to brush, band and braid without any fear it gets damaged. The doll is soft, warm and cosy. The arms and legs move and bend. Size approx. 35 cm (13.8 in), weight 200 g (0.44 lb).
The dolls are made mainly FOR CHILDREN. They are completely safe, suitable for hugging, playing, loving, snuggling. 
For more information, visit my site.


During the seven years spent with glassware décor a lot of interesting and sensitive stories have been occurred. Today I will share few of them related with weddings so you will be acquainted with my approach to this sphere, which I would rather call a colourful journey of my life.

In this busy world, it seems, there are fewer traditions, relics, which are passed down from generation to generation - the special things, which we keep and cherish for years. The family fireside, wedding rings and memories overlaid in photos or videos become our marriage’s reminders. Wedding glasses - an important attribute of the wedding, even the relic, which accompanies the newlyweds not only during a solemn day of their life, but next to the rings, the family fireside, becomes the focus of its long-lasting symbol reminiscent of this wonderful day. Many newlyweds', glasses decorated by me, use not only once - fill them with champagne over each wedding anniversary and all other special occasions of their growing family. 

Let’s review and check few ideas of decorated toasting flutes.
WHITE CLASIC. White wedding colour is crowned not quite unnecessarily. It is a charming and graceful, and the symbolic meaning of the sacrament of marriage reflects. Not for nothing, many newlyweds are looking for a white decorated toasting flutes.
SHINY ONES. Swarovski crystals decorated glasses also are on top for royal, shiny weddings. The initials, ornaments on the glasses, apparently, has already become a classic, because they never go out of fashion.

 PERSONALIZED IDEAS. We are used to see the engraved initials, date or “Mr. and Mrs” sings. It is standard and normal. But there is something special, when you can join wedding symbols, accents on the special way. These are few samples how unique and really personalized ideas look like on engraved glass. Special example with elephants hanging initials on their trunks. Weddings was held on the island of Bali, so newlyweds asked to combine special symbols – elephants, lotus flowers, initials and the date. I suggested to do it on this engraving way.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS. Decorated glasses - a great gift not only to the first weddings. It is very gratifying when clients applies to create décor for silver, coral, ruby wedding anniversary. Particularly sensitive when I am asked to decorate glasses for golden wedding anniversary. It is special – can you imagine two persons who spent 50 years together? Oh… My eyes fills with tears. One more of the most memorable situations was sensitive and a pleasant surprise to wife. A few years ago man, who often likes doing surprises for his wife, asked me to design décor for champagne glass for "1000 days" after the wedding anniversary. Even more astonishing thing was when after year and a half, he come back asking to do something special for 2000 days' flute. Romantic men actually occurs! Love inspires.

ABOUT PROCESS or how it sees the light of day. For creating special relics it is important emotional and personal relationship. So, before starting decorate, I always try to learn more about future newlyweds, their accents of feast. People always evaluate individual decoration, where one rejoices engraved motifs or initials, for other Swarovski crystal gloss, amber combinations are more acceptable. Different people, their desires - this is what inspires. It is gratifying that each pair of glasses is always something unique. Only for that couple all thoughts and expression are given. Very often people ask where they can see more examples of SJdecoLT decorated glasses. But as I say, the glasses are not stored - just decorated they go out to their hosts. Sometimes they are even not captured because it is agreed to protect the uniqueness of the decor.

RECOMMENDATIONS. Wedding planners and decorators should also pay attention to the décor of toasting flutes, even if newlyweds decided to take care of it by themselves. It is important to remind the newlyweds that they should pay attention on decoration of glasses should be consistent to the feast as a whole. Decorated wedding glasses choice is wide enough - from decorated with live flowers, decorated with symbolic wedding colour ribbons, to mass-production method examples. However, it is encouraging that the recent wedding planners and decorators, newlyweds - both witnesses who take care of these attributes, assess the individual and not “one day” décor. They understand that this is a great idea to commemorate the wedding day experiences and moments of a celebration of exclusivity and distinctive charm in another way.
Be welcome to visit SJdecoLT shop and check more examples of wedding glasses.

5 tips for hygge home by WoolenClogs

5 quick tips on how to make your home hygge
So what is hygge in the first place? Hygge is a design and lifestyle concept from Denmark which is becoming increasingly popular. Associated with pale neutral colour schemes, especially white, Hygge homes focus on happiness and well-being.

"It’s a special atmosphere of a special moment. It’s where everything just falls into place. Where the company is right, where the temperature is right, where we feel comforted, safe, warm and happy." Marie Tourell Søderberg, Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness

There’s no need to invest in expensive décor, small changes to your home and your lifestyle is all that’s needed to give your home a little more hygge while also staying nature friendly. 
First tip - chose your materials!
Pay attention to what your household items are made off. All the natural materials like ceramics, wood, linen, wool will help to create a more natural nurturing home and will be healthier than the alternatives. Linen tablecloths, pillows, even blankets will bring warmth and coziness to your home.
Linen is one of the most eco friendly materials -- growing flax produces no waste as all its parts
are used for different purposes, it does not require any pesticides, grows in unfertilised soil that other cultures would not thrive in.
If you are looking for high quality natural materials for your home -- Etsy has a great deal to offer here. There are a lot of great shops that sell handmade items from natural materials -- a few of them that I tried myself are CozyLinen (for all your table linen needs and more - great aprons, towels, napkins and tablecloths and all from 100% linen and handmade with care), Pillowlink (pillows of all shapes and forms, great design and high quality linen). You can find 100% eco wool legwarmers and shoes in Woolenclogs shop. For all your ceramic needs you can try MissDishCeramics.
Second tip -- colours can make it or break it
Colour coordinating your home decor is important if you want to achieve that cozy hygge feeling. It is not necessary to choose just one or two colours, instead choose a feeling that you want to achieve, is it soft, comfy relaxing home decor, something like this photo? See how well pastel pink goes together with grey, white and even a brick wall.
Think along the lines of warm and cosy to add texture and colour to your home. Chilly days and nights in the northern hemisphere make you want to snuggle up in wool legwarmers or a cozy linen throw while reading a book. Add further hygge style with cushions on the sofa, chairs and bed along with thick fluffy rugs to wriggle your toes into.
Third tip - how about some light?
Candles play a huge role in hygge living. They're used to create a relaxing ambience with their warm soft glow and scents that evoke good memories.
Find creative ways to place your candles, we tried using a cake dish for that and it turned out amazing!
Open fires and wood burners are used extensively in Danish décor, so, if you're fortunate enough to have either they're a great place to sit in front of with family and friends.
Even when it is not cold outside, you can add a bit more hygge by lighting the candles inside of your fireplace -- it will diffuse the light even further and give you the feeling of a cozy winter cottage without the winter.
Do not use center of the room ceiling lamps, use small area lights or even hidden LEDs to give that warm cozy glow to your surroundings.
Fourth tip - that perfect mood
Hygge isn’t solely about décor, it’s also about you, your family and your friends. Include the little things in life that make you smile, such as putting up photographs of happy times, drinking your favourite coffee or indulging in a warm bubble bath.
Sharing is a must in a hygge home. Eating wholesome food in-front of the fire or by candlelight with a gathering of friends or family are fabulous hygge moments that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Switch off and refocus by taking up a new hobby or reigniting an old one. A few hours on your own will make you feel refreshed and your batteries recharged. Enjoy your surrounding, every room in your home should be a sanctuary that you can step into at any given moment, so fill them with things that help you achieve this. But don’t over do it, hygge homes are rarely crammed to the rafters with clutter, but with carefully chosen meaningful items.
Remember the style isn’t about extravagance and cost, it’s about creating a warm and welcoming home that you and your visitors won’t want to leave.
Fifth tip - do you want a drink?
A steaming hot chocolate (tea or coffee if you prefer), a crackling fireside, cosy catch ups, walking on a frosty common bundled up in hats, scarfs and mittens – these are all “hygge”. To truly hygge, ceramic mugs are a must! You need that cozy, pausing feel of a mug in your hands. And if you really don’t have time at home to sit with a mug, at least invest in a reusable, glass to-go cup.

As a recognised ritual worldwide, tea drinking helps to enable feelings of optimism, knowledge, social bonding, gratitude and relaxation.
A cup of tea has long been the symbol of rest, break time, stopping for a breather. Arguably, its ritual could be the pinnacle of the hygge trend, with its implication of calm and togetherness.
Instead of letting hygge be another fad fashion-concept, we can take inspiration from its idea as a daily mindfulness practice, and make more frequent efforts to invite friends for tea, create social groups, and focus on the present moment. To make memories to be later laughed about, to talk about ideas, to be warmed from the inside out, to share the comfort of happiness.
These five quick ideas will give a start to your hygge journey. If you liked our photos and would love to have similar ones - you can read here on how we achieved this result.
Stay warm and cozy and hygge on! All these wonderful thougths was shared by WoolenClogs blog.


Felt - oldest textile techniques

We woul like to share JurgaFeltLife video about felting procese.

Felt making is considered to be one of the oldest textile techniques. Here is used wet felting which involves only warm water, natural soap and a few simple wooden and ceramic tools. It takes time to felt a pair of slippers, and it is a rather complicated process. To get a nice shape, it is necessary to possess shoe lasts and also sharp eyes. In the beginning, wool is precisely weighed in accordance with a special table of weight, as different sizes require different amount of wool. Jurga usually uses undyed natural wool, but she likes some decorative elements of dyed wool too. She is using different moulds for different sizes. First of all, she line dry wool and apply water to the fabric. A pair of slippers is lined together. When the wool is lined and wet, it is time to start felting. Slippers are twisted into a towel and then rolling many times. Afterwards, Jurga's husband takes the slippers into his hands to give them a nice shape, to rinse in clean water and dry them next to the fireplace. Felting is a long process which takes time and requires physical strength of a felter. In the different point of view, it is such a pleasure to work with natural fibres, natural wool which comes from animal-friendly farms. Jurga usually use European wool, and are very concerned about the issue of ecology.
Teikia „Blogger“.

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