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Linen Produce Bags
Setting up your craft business is exciting yet challenging. Even if your product design is flawless and presentation is top notch, your materials are natural, sustainable, fair trade or came from local family farms, there are couple areas to work on: wrapping, packing and postage are usually pushed to the side, but it's a great opportunity to send your customer a message about sustainable living, remind of vast Earth pollution or introduce them to reducing, reusing and recycling.
And there is that warm and uplifting feeling, that the package from your handcrafted item won't live for your great grandchildren to dig up in the yard or end up as a whale's death cause.
Today we have a few ideas on materials, wrappings and different ways to pack those precious handmade items.
Linen Favor Bags
Handmade Natural Paper Bag
Jute Twine
So, what can we choose to wrap the items for shipping?
  • Tissue Paper - made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Natural Craft Paper is a mono-material that is easily and frequently recycled.
  • Castoff Kerchief - a light fabric neck scarf you haven't worn for ages.
  • Fabric scraps - a great way to use leftovers from sewing projects.
  • Natural ropes and twines - there are cotton, linen, jute, raw wool, nettle, hemp, paper or even sewing scrap ropes to tie the packed goods.
  • Handmade canvas string bags - natural or upcycled fabric bags.
  • Handmade paper or handmade paper bags.
  • Individual canvas tote bags.
Another very important step is packing. Parcel has to be protected from physical damage, moist, dust, has to look good and fit the postal requirements.
The most popular are cardboard boxes, look for recycled cardboard, skip the ones with plastic coating.
Second in line are mailers or mailing bags. These can be 80% or 100% recycled and can be recycled again. And there are paper ones with bio plastic padding or eco bubble wrap.  
Another essential is packing tape, made of recycled paper and natural rubber.
There are eco friendly and biodegradable options available for all these supplies.
Cardboard box, tissue paper and canvas tote combo from DingoM
There are a lot of options for void filling, go for a natural, sustainable, recycled materials. Have a look around, you might have suitable stuff just laying around.
Shredded Paper

Wood Wool

  • Packing peanuts - starch based peanuts are soluble in water and can be disposed down the sink.
  • Old newspapers - an old faithful way to fill space in box, not too fancy though.
  • Shredded paper - usually made from recycled paper.
  • Wood shavings - not as common, but nice way to use bits and pieces from wood working station.
  • Wood wool.
  • Biodegradable bubble wrap.
  • All kinds of corrugated cardboard sliced into pattern to replace bubble wrap.
An example of eco - friendly wrapping and packing from WoolenClogs
Remind your lovely customers to take care of wrapping and packaging, to re-use it or recycle.

Any other eco friendly options we missed? Drop a comment below!

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