Do you know - How to take care of your wool items?

WoolenClogs are sharing a great care instruction for wool items. Visit their BLOG to read more great information.
All of you have probably at some point looked at a sweater/another wool item taken from the washer and wondered whose it is as the size did not match your clothes :)
Yes, wool shrinks when agitated with a detergent in changing temperature. Washing it even with all the newfangled detergents that are made for wool can be a hit or miss affair. Here's a few things that might help you to put that washing day further and when it comes -- to get the best result. Read on!

Good news is that wool naturally repels dirt and moisture, so it takes a lot longer to get your woolen sweater in need of a wash than say a cotton one. Airing a woolen item is a good way of getting rid of odours and giving it a few more days or weeks of wear.
Brushing it with a soft brush to get rid of anything stuck is also good. Spot cleaning is advised instead of washing the whole item.

Using a vacuum cleaner is another good way to bring your woolen clogs or shoes back to their clean state.

Finally, when you have exhausted all the other options and do not want to or cannot get your wool item dry cleaned it is time for the wash.
The delicate woolen items such as thin felt scarves, light nuno-felted blouses and similar are better washed by hand in only slightly tepid water with wool detergent. Do not rub or agitate the wool too much -- just let it soak and gently squeeze it to get the sudsy water inside, then rise out and dry your items flat, no hanging!
Other things can go into the washing machine -- be careful to choose the wool cycle and wool detergent, also -- never use a dryer, dry your items flat on an adsorbent surface. If the item is not flat, like slippers or a cat cave, shape it to the desired form by putting it on your feet (for slippers) or using your hands to give it shape.

Happy wearing/using! Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about wool or woolen items.

Art dolls with a story to tell by AdelePo

This time we would like to introduce you Adelė, doll maker and artist in her twenties, living in Lithuania – the land of possibilities where she can create dolls and make a living from it! 
And here is her story...

Almost 4 years ago I became a part of the magical world of art dolls. My journey began in Vilnius art academy where I studied set design and puppet theatre. While studying was a great adventure, in real life after a few plays as a set designer, I knew that this path is not for me so I plunged myself into interior dolls. At that time I couldn’t imagine how my life will change after this decision. And here I am, talking to you as a full time artist, who’s building her career from ground up. I guess anything is possible, huh?
My dolls are more than just a decoration, because everyone of them have a story to tell. I bring a unique tale in a little creature. Every costume, every lock of hair, every tiny detail is telling you how special and exclusive this art doll is. I love the feeling when the doll is completed, wrapped up with a ribbon and a hand written story. It’s like another page added to my creation journey. I hope that you can see and feel the same passion, joy and love for life in my dolls like I do.

Stay around if you’re interested in uncommon art of dolls!

You can see more of her works in website AdelePo and talk to her in FaceBook

DIY: How to make refrigerator magnets

 We are happy to share Art by Asta blog post ablout DYI refrigerator magnets! You can also visit her SHOP and buy anything you want.

Even if it may sound a bit weird, but when I visit others’ kitchen I always take a look at the refrigerator. Some of them are totally clear, some have few fridge magnets with some notes, photos or kids’ paintings, but most of them have lots of funny souvenir magnets from foreign countries. I also always buying magnets from countries I visit for my Mom. She loves them!
Then I started to travel more and more I realized that people really love small little gifts and souvenirs. That is why I started to sell handmade refrigerator magnets a couple of years ago. People really want to have some funny tiny paintings or phrases on their fridges. Original hand painted fridge magnet is also a great little gift for the family members or friends (I know that many of my customers use them as Christmas stocking gifts. It is never too late or too earlier for Christmas shopping, isn’t it? :)
There are many fun and easy ways to make creative magnets. Almost anything can be turned into a refrigerator magnet with two magic things: a little bit of glue and a magnet. Oh and the third thing - creativity :). This article will show you how to make a few simple magnets from stones and wooden blocks like I do.

For this refrigerator magnet craft project, all you need is:

1. Small, lightweight stone or wooden block that is flat on one side. I used rocks that were found on the beach.

2. A magnet that fits your stone or wooden block. I use round button magnet. Remember - pick the right size as you really don't want to see the magnet from the other side.

3. Very strong glue.

First of all, you need to clean the stone / rock. If your object is very dirty, the glue may not stick to it.

Now it is time to create a design for your fridge magnet. It can be a phrase or a little painting. Let your imagination go! Check what I have created.

When your front part is ready, glue the magnet on the back side. If your object is large, consider gluing two small button magnets to the back: one at the top, and one at the bottom. The final step is to wait until the glue dries.

Then your artwork is ready to get a place on the fridge!

Jewelry, Accessories, Candles, Wax melts by MiLiCrafts

Migle love using nature creations in her handicrafts! So here is her story and Shop ;)
Since I was little girl I loved handicrafts, because my grandmother and grandfather were very handy people. They taught me different techniques of creating beautiful things. My grandmother showed me how to knit, sew, crochet and lots of other different things. My grandfather loves working with wood, so had an opportunity to learn from him. All of their life they learn new things and taught me and others. 

As a child I spend all of my summers at the country side where I learn to love nature and use gifts of it for my handicrafts. I liked playing with wood branches, reed canes and grass stems.
As an adult I searched myself for a long time where I belong, what should I be and what should I work. And one day I decided that I want to develop the knowledge and skills given me by my grandparents and open my handicraft shop on Etsy. From that day I make hand-crafted items filled with love and inspired by nature.

Parėmė Blogger.

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