8 reasons to get married in the fall


There are some obvious benefits of getting married in the fall - most of the venues and various wedding services will be cheaper than in the summer. Not to mention your make up will not melt off your face as quickly, less humidity and thus less frizzy hair for the bride and guests, beautiful autumnal landscapes for a backdrop...

1. Love apples? Great, us too! They are a perfect fall theme decoration and suitable as wedding favors or table adornments. Or maybe gather them on a thread and hang them up as garland? 
Miniature red felt apples with their little felt leaves and stems
2. You can also decorate your venue with nature sourced autumnal finds: 
Floating acorn candles are perfect for guest tables, dessert or snack stations 
3. You can use bold colors for your fall wedding without anyone second guessing your choice.
Navy blue alternative guest book for instant photos of your guests
4. Yes, that includes bridesmaids. Perfect time of the year to choose daring jewel tones for their outfits.
Try and emerald green velvet dress for your girls
5. Rich in color tablecloths and other linens of your big day will compliment the landscape, especially if the winter is right around the corner and no green is left in the surroundings. 
Stand out with a burgundy linen tablecloth
6. While in the summer everyone pretty much assumes that the bridal bouquet equals real flowers, the fall is the perfect time to choose something that will remain with you forever - paper, silk, felt are all fantastic options to explore. 
Autumn bouquet made out of silk flowers will never wither
7. If you're bored with all the nude lips and natural make ups for brides, the good news are - there is no better time to rock a berry lip tint than fall!
Natural and vegan red berry lip tint
8. And lastly, it's the perfect time to wear that long sleeve dress you've been dreaming of, which would be too warm for you in the summer and yet is perfect for fall. 
Dusty peach toned wedding dress with 3/4 sleeves
Thank you for reading! There are many more reasons to get married in the fall, would you share yours with us? 

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