Handmade wool felt clogs, slippers, boots, leg warmers by WoolenClogs


Handmade felted shoes story and WoolenClogs SHOP ....
Local sheep wool usually is rough, like the most North European breeds. But it felts so good! It is too rough for thin felting projects, but perfect for felted footwear! 
Undyed natural wool is with lanolin, even few staples of moss or straw, but it is so alive compared to chemically treated wool. And the product is real pleasure to the feet - breathable, warm, absolutely natural.
We use only natural undyed Lithuanian and European wool for our footwear.
We are glad that Etsy helps us to share products of our land (with a touch of our hands:)) with all the world!
 Woolenclogs were created in 2011 by Rasa, who is a feltmaker since 2009. Tadas joined Rasa in 2013 as an apprentice an quickly became a maker in his own right. He is now creating woolen clogs together with Rasa. In 2014 as the shop grew Aiste joined the team as curator.

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