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Here is RedPin SHOP and the story of needle.

Sheet of fabric, fiber and needle…

Everyone nowadays is in search to find accessories, that would be one of the kind, had a potential to use it each day. One of them finds it in shop, another gets it on market. Third one borrows it after investigation grandmas loft. 
I tried all these possibilities, and found none attractions… attractions that could make my heart beat harder and faster. So I understood, that best accessories will be made by myself, cause it will have piece of my heart, I will know real price of each millimeter of it. I needed to get myself a hobby.
20 years ago my mother teached me my first cross stitch...It was a small picture with crooked stitches , but it was the just beginning...One picture go after other picture and they fill my leisure. 
I have found cross stitch again when I became mother. Two my daughters inspire me to create mostly for children and not only for them... Usually my item is personalized, so it is unique, so can be a good present. I am on goal to produce everything with piece of my heart, cause I respect each item that evenly. So your wish for handmade item from me with definitely have a piece of my heart and respect.

Sheet of fabric, fiber and needle… that’s all I need to make my day… random from yesterday and upcoming tomorrow….

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