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Here is a  WingedBowTies SHOP and story...

Behind every Etsy shop is a person. So it's me :-)
My name is Janina and I’m the designer, maker, stylist behind Winged Bow Ties. I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
My first bow tie was sewn so many years ago. It was designed for my brother for his wedding. Before establishing my design studio, year-by-year I did what I NEEDED to do but finally I can do what I WANT! And I'm very happy about this. I can say, that my dreams come true!
I work in a beautiful small home studio and I love it so much. It’s a very cozy place for me, because I can hear singing birds, I can see trees and flowers through my window. It's very important for me, because I don't like noise of the city.
When I’m creating, I think of the man or woman, who is going to wear my bow tie. In other words, I think about people who appreciate individuality. Getting to do what I love for people all over the world brings me great joy, because it’s so good to know that somewhere on the other side of the earth is a person who is wearing my bow tie.
It’s only been some months since I started my business but owning it and being creative every day brings me great joy.
 My favorite part of the process is going to the fabric shops. I can spend a lot of time there because I'm most inspired by fabrics - colors, textures, designs. All ideas of my bow ties born by the way from fabric shops to my home. Then I draw some sketches in my mind.
I also like packing my bow ties for it's traveling. All bow ties have a paper box or a special fabric bag. Here you will find a small sign of me - a wooden bow.
I got a globe from my children as a gift in order I could check where my bow ties are traveling. It's so nice, isn't? ;-)

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