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New story about Mellsva and her SHOP

My name is Giedra Bartas. Mellsva project engages my 3 biggest passions of life - gardening, crafting and photography.

I do belong to visual creatives and the path of my life always went along the sense of sight. Endless patterns of colors and shapes of our mother Nature gives me a great joy of constant discovering. My pictures and my crafts show the way i see this world and i am grateful for this possibility to make an impact. 
I prefer nature themed crafting and enjoy working with natural materials like wood, bark, grasses and wool.

Nature amazes me more and more with years and i love being active under the sun. I do enjoy living life fully at this present moment, dipping into the real tastes and following real values. If i am not at my home office working and not traveling, then i probably gone gardening, crafting or doing something else outdoors.
 I love woods and it`s charming life cycle is a great inspiration to me. You just have to keep your eyes open, be quiet and patient and all the forest`s secrets unroll naturally to your feet... If not woods, then gardens - I am a garden writer, photographer and plant collector, contributing with garden magazines and creating planting plans for small urban and suburb gardens (mostly makeovers).

My daughter is very artistic as well. We often paint or draw together just for fun, and she clearly sees herself having an own Etsy shop in the future :) 

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