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ECO TEETHING — breastfeeding necklaces, nursing necklaces, teething necklaces - all in one! Whether you are feeding naturally or formula feeding, this jewelry is perfect for you. They are made only from natural and organic materials and completely harmless to infants or children.
 Best things about ECO TEETHING jewelry:

* Helps to keep babies concentrated during feeds
* Prevents from hair-pulling, putting fingers into your mouth, etc. during feeds
* Encourage sensory stimulation and motoric skills
* Perfect jewelry for women, mothers or even young ladies...
* Can help to calm down your baby
* Can be used as teething toys
* Perfect when you have your baby in baby carrier or sling
* A great gift for a baby shower
* Can be a beautiful memory when kids grow up and can start wearing jewelry by themselves (suitable mostly for girls)
ECO TEETHING jewelry are made ​​only from natural and organic materials. We use unfinished wooden beads. They are suitable for children to play or even chew on.
For crochet we use 100 % cotton yarn, which is absolutely safe for adults, infants and kids.

Important! This jewelry is designed to be worn by adults, children can play with them only under the supervision of an adult. Do not leave children alone with these products.

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