Woman knitted clothes, sweater, headband, hats, brooch by JolantaKnit


Here is Jolanta's SHOP and her story.... ;)
I am happy thrusting woman, I have two wonderful adult children and has a loving husband. I very much appreciate all that is natural, real and unique. Thorough and responsible job. All my life I have worked in a job requiring accountability and, therefore, their creative work is performed in the same way. With family have a wonderful paradise on earth, we grow their own vegetables, fruits and berries, we have to love the animals that flit freely in our meadow. So after any outdoor work and return to my knitting.
I started to knit for a very long time as a little girl, just 12 years old. Affiliating and my mother and grandmother. I am very careful and responsible. Knit with love and care. I have to work a little, but they are all very neat and handmade.
The shop was created by me and encouraged me to like doing, not only to their families but also for the wide ambushes my youngest daughter, the artist - a painter Rasa Vilčinskaitė, Etsy name RasaVilJewelry.
I am grateful to the people around me for their sincere support.

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