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Edmunda's SHOP and her story....
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life [Confucius]
This words made revolution in my life. In the very end of the winter of 2012 I made my very first primitive brooch. My husband sold it and others for his collegues. After few month I decide to learn some techniques and in July of the same year I crocheted first bead rope. That was the beginning of my new way of life. 
Now jewelry is part of my world. I have more happiness, shining eyes, got huge amount of compliments. Somebody calls me a real artist. I don't care it's true or not. I just do what my hands and eyes wants.
I'm very happy to create creation - some image, something new and with feeling.
So that's why you can find phrase "some elements and findings can be not the same but similar as in pictures" - I'm not factory and I don't have huge amount of the same findings, beads and etc.

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