Handmade baby bedding, gifts, quilts, pillows, toys by CotandCot


We introduce you CotandCot SHOP and their handmade cotton baby bedding. 
I believe that everything made by hand, somehow has it soul. Every time I hold a piece of fabric, I know, that something magical is about to happen. And it is not only about the colors or texture, but mostly the emotion and intention which you put in to every single item. I guess it even couldn’t be otherwise, as we are dedicating our hard work to the most beloved and adored children.
“Cot and cot” is a crafty family business kind team. Newborns, babies, toddlers, kids - they all are in the limelight of our inspiration, future hopes and dreams. It is our job to surround children with the best we can. So the main direction of “Cot and cot” is to provide all kind of textile items for a baby room. These are sets for cribs and cots, baby beds, baby/toddler bedding, quilts, decorative pillows. Everything is made from 100% cotton fabric, created in unique design and made by hand.
However, fabric crafts are way more than that - ideas are expanding every day, so time to time we add some magic and wonderful new items are being made :) I can not wait to share it with you!

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