Handmade wooden blocks, Decorative blocks, Baby blocks by Lapalai


Writers of wooden stories and their SHOP
LAPALAI - a creative label, which hides our 3 member family: me- Aušra, Tomas and little Ūla. We started our business in 2013 manufacturing various wooden things for children. But later on we understood that exactly wooden blocks is the thing which we like doing. The blocks involved us into the wonderful creation process. Every time thinking about a new block set we feel a pleasant thrill and impatience to accomplish what is our minds. 
Inspiration usually comes itself from the nature, from people, form music, books, pieces of art ...
The process of manufacturing is long, because we it is a handiwork. Only after long hours of precise work with untreated ash wood, the blocks turn into unique pieces of art. 
 They decorate homes and provide with happiness - to play and create one's own wooden stories not only for kids, but also for the adult as well. We guaranty the quality and longevity - the blocks will delight some generations. As wooden blocks - eternal classic. 

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