Ring boxes, business card holders, accessories by Woodstorming


Woodstorming really enjoy what they do! Here is the SHOP and their story...

How that started? The idea just came suddenly... We bought some tools and started to create.

We didn't have intentions to sell at first. We enjoyed creation process and did that just for fun (our family members were happy to get original handmade things as Christmas presents from us :)). All this started to develop when one of our friends saw what we do and told us about Etsy...

 We do everything from scratch ourselves. It is amazing to see how plain piece of wood turns into something special. Our designs require lots of handwork and are made with great accuracy and attention to details. There are several stages of sanding and polishing, the most delicate of these can be done only by hand - all small details, corners and so on.. We prefer natural look and do not use lacquer - only oil and wax finish on our creations. That shiny look you see in our works is done with especially smooth sanding and polishing.

The best thing is to create something new. We really love custom orders! 

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