DIY tutorial: Decorate a cup using a porcelain marker


 We are happy to share with you Asta's cup decorating DIY tutorial. This is a great idea for St.Valentines day gift ;) She was very kind to share it with us and I recommend to visit her beautiful blog with more ideas.
 I have no doubt that you have your favorite tea cup or big coffee mug. I think every one of us have one :) There are two of my favorite cups in the kitchen: big cup for a tea which I brought from London and a big mug for coffee from Starsbuck in Paris. But of course I have some extra cups for my friends and myself too. When one of them crashed, I started to look for a new one to replace and couldn’t find anything interesting and original cup in the local shops. Then – hooray! Idea came to my mind and I thought why not just create original cup by myself and I started to look how I can do it.

Today I'm willing to share with you how you can do the same. Let’s decorate a coffee mug using a porcelain marker together!

1. One color porcelain cup
2. Porcelain marker (you can find one in local art shop or online)
3. Paper, scissors, soft pencil (HB or 2B) and sticky tape

Step 1

Think about what you want to paint on the cup. E.x. Cats were in my mind at that time when I created my original cup :)

Cut the stripe of paper and make sure it is same high and length as a cup is. Now draw the illustration on it. Yes this is most fun part!
Step 2

Using a soft pencil and applying a lot of pressure, trace the basic lines of your illustration.
Step 3

Now turn around the piece of paper with the illustration and attach it to the cup, with the illustration inwards (yes inwards), using some sticky tape.

Don’t forget that any design transferred with this technique will be mirrored. If you need to transfer any text, you should write (if you can) or print it mirrored in order to be able to read it on your cup!
Step 4

Use the pencil to draw over the lines of the drawing. This will help transfer the image on to the surface of your cup. Apply a lot of pressure and make sure you don't forget to go over every detail of the illustration. I also discovered that it’s possible just to use a hard part of the marker to press the illustration and outline it with pressure.
Step 5

Carefully remove the paper and you’ll see the illustration on your cup. It should be visible enough to use it just as a guide.
Step 6

It’s time to have fun again and ink your design! Love this step! :)

Before you start using the porcelain marker, shake the pen well and push it vertically on a piece of the paper and check that the appropriate amount of paint is released.
Step 7

Carefully trace over the pencil drawing with the porcelain marker to create the basic outlines. Don’t worry if you made a mistake. When the ink is still wet, you can correct mistakes by wiping them with a wet wipe. Make sure cup is dry before you proceed again.

After you finish painting cup needs to dry for 24 hours
Step 8

Now your big mug or cup is ready!

Note: Use the marker as it’s written on the instruction. Some of the markers just need to dry for 24 hours. Other brands of porcelain markers need to be baked for about 30-90 minutes in order to fix the paint. If you’ll bake your cup, be sure to remove any stickers from the bottom, because I guess you don’t want to cook those! After fixing the ink, the mug is ready to be used and most of them are dishwasher safe (again depends on the marker you used).
Hand painted cup, plate or bowl can be a great, original and easy to make gift for your friends or family members. You can already imagine your loved person smiling in the morning while drinking from the cup which is unique and reminds about you, don't you?

I really hope this guide will help you and you will create a piece of artwork! If you do, please share with me! Also you are very welcome to check all the cups I made so far and of course buy one if you want!

Now after hard work it’s time to enjoy coffee!

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