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 Florentès - blooming wedding hair accessories created and made by hand. Our accessories are for a bride who celebrates a simple life in the beauty of small details.

Wedding accessories is more than just a matter of matching colors and adding some sparkly details to your wedding style; accessories are the way to compliment your character. The same as the wedding dress and moments captured in pictures - with proper care and love, they will become beloved family heirlooms.
 Florentès unique designs include handmade bridal hair adornments and bridal veils. Some of the most loved fabric flowers we use in our collection are roses, peonies, magnolias, gardenias, cherry blooms, anemones and more.

All flowers are handmade from several fabric pieces. Every fabric piece is sketched, cut, and crafted separately; assembled with matching details to create cozy, delicate and flowering look.
To create our wedding accessories we use old technologies of millinery or invent something new by ourselves. The layout of each single bloom is made by us analyzing the structure of real flowers. The challenge is to create fabric flower which looks as real as it does in nature but to put some more charm to create a special piece for a bride to wear on her wedding day.

Florentès was founded in 2013, in a capital city of one of Baltic States in Northern Europe, Lithuania.

With love,
Inga and Daiva by Florentès

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  1. Oh my goodness!! This post is quite amazing to read for brides to be. Keep sharing such posts dear! I am getting married and will definitely order some items for my dream wedding ceremony that will be held at finest Chicago event venues.


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