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FriendlyToys which smell like a forest story...
We, Sigita, Donatas, Saule and Goda, are a family. Even before the arrival of our baby we’ve already felt the importance of the bond between nature and a child. Therefore we left busy city life of Vilnius and moved to the place where trees touch the sky. Inspired by watching our daughter grow we began creating wooden toys. Later on more and more people were willing to give their children the joy of playing with eco and human friendly toys that we make. Finding pictures of smiling little clients holding our manufactured toys or warm thank you letters in the inbox was (and still is) a constant encouragement to maintain our business. We are glad that now not only Lithuanian children but also those who live across the Atlantic enjoy playing with our wooden creatures. Friendly toys can be found at homes where babies haven’t even arrived yet – wooden toys which smell like a forest appear to be perfect decorations for those who love handcrafted interior elements.

Why are our toys friendly? First of all, the materials which we use are 100% natural and biodegradable: birch, natural „Milk Paint“ paint, linen strings and cold-pressed linen seed oil which has both natural scent and moisture protection quality. Secondly, the toys are born in the family and inspired by its smallest member. Thus in the environment full of love toys are infused with nothing but friendliness and good energy.

Our world is full of hypnotizing snails, spinach loving dogs, sheep waiting for fairytales, horses pasturing in wild strawberry fields, fashionable helicopters, buses full of mushroom pickers and other forest animals and visitors. Find your child a new, safe and lovely friend here!

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