Handmade cat toys, felted cat caves, eco wool dog mats by DreamPaws


DreamPaws story and SHOP..
We love having pets around the house. We own several cats and a horse, so there is no shortage of them in our life.
It did take quite a while though to find ecological and clean toys for our cats to play with and mats and cat caves for them to relax in.
 Seeing that we were already working with natural ecological wool making shoes at http://www.woolenclogs.com , we decided to make the toys and mats ourselves and also offer this product to like-minded pet owners out there -- you pet deserves nothing less than you, dye-free, chemical-free, natural organic wool and pure olive oil soap.
Also, in order to help those less fortunate, we pledge to donate 5% from all our profits in this shop to a local animal shelter.
 There will be pictures of animals from the shelter here and there around the shop -- it is great to see, how they run around happily when they get enough food and can afford medical treatment! 

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