Cutest handmade Teddy Bears, rag dolls, baby merino blankets by MadeByUgne


Here is MadeByUgne story and her SHOP.

My first creation was a linen teddy bear after welcoming my daughter. Teddy after teddy it slowly developed to a small business of mine.
Now I have a son as well and more products that I make. I can offer warm and cosy knitted extra fine merino wool baby blankets and matching knitted woolen socks. Also I make not only soft Teddy bears, but rag dolls and bunnies as well. 
Everything I make is first and foremost dedicated to my kids. I make things that are warm, useful and especially designed according to needs of children. Items from my shop will be perfect gifts for all occasions from newborns to toddles, such as baby shower, Christening, Christmas and birthdays.

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