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I started hand-crafting when I was at school. I sewed a lot, even participated in various competitions.
During studies I took a step back from practical hand-crafting and concentrated on learning instead -- articles about the history of costume in Lithuania was part of my studies.
 I came back to crafting when my baby daughter was born -- she inspired new ideas. I started researching felt and what possibilities it had for me. Felt is like clay -- you can mould it to any form you desire - from a ball to a thin dress, thick coat, carpet, yurt or a painting. This attribute of felt is what inspires and impresses me, what creates a challenge in my work.
When I felt I think about the person that I am making a particular piece of clothing for, so I felt in positive emotions and feelings.
Most of all I love to felt for the littlest of us -- babies and toddlers. Even an indirect connection with little children gives me unbounded joy so I make these articles with great love.
I grew my hobby into my daily business so I can create with love every day.

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