Safe, soft and friendly Crocheted&Knitted Creations by YarnBallStories


Here is YarnBallStories SHOP and their about story.

“The Yarn Balls Stories” means stories told by the yarn balls

WE ARE Virginija and Dovile, both sisters and mothers and also co-creators of the yarn balls stories. The idea of making soft toys came across when our own kids were born. Therewith, they became our inspirations, creative collaborators and the first ones who test and approve our works.
WHAT MATERIALS ARE USED? – We have strong desire to grow our kids in a friendly and healthy environment, see them play with cute and safe toys, what naturally led us to knitting and crocheting. Most of our works are made from cotton, wool and other organic fibers, stuffed with polyester fillers – to keep the shape after frequent washing and to avoid allergies. 
EDUCATION. WORK. CREATION. – Our lifestyle, interests and education goes along with the works of The Yarn Balls Stories. Virginija has Master in psychology, and at the moment works as a child psychologist at school. Dovile has finished history and philosophy of media studies; moreover she continues the search in the fields of philosophy. These everyday activities and work areas brings us to the same attitudes about safe childhood, games and the development of Creativity.
Urban knitting is one of the most exciting street art styles that inspire us, so we started to create street/outdoor installations – called Urban Knitting or Yarn Bombing. This style of art goes close with our beliefs, it worms up public spaces, and it makes cold and hard places into a feeling of friendly and cozy home, it also brings new and unexpected into everyday life of citizens.
All these things float in our art works and encourage the development and improvement.

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