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If you like minimalist style, you are in the right jewelry box. Visit Kutadesign SHOP
And here Laura's about story.

Laura, designer from Lithuania. I was graphic designer for more than ten years. As a woman I naturally was interested in fashion, wanted to dress and to wear something special. That was a problem because it was hard to find clothes or jewelry what I had in my mind. From my early years I tried to solve such "problems" by making clothes myself.
KUTA story began, when my fiancé proposed to find a hobby, because everybody should have it. Somehow I had forgotten to have such thing. I found it in no time – “designing and making jewelry” I thought will be it. Of course in the beginning all models were for me and only me until I posted one model on Facebook. Many likes and interested people encouraged me to make jewelry not only for me and friends but also to offer for broader audience.
Years passed, my hobby became my work and work became a hobby. And I am very glad for that, because as a graphic designer I always valued work which involved creativity. Till 2016 bracelets were worn by Lithuanian women, now it's time to show bracelets to the rest of the world :) I registered in 2015, but only from 2016 trying to put my works here and trying to find how things works on ETSY :) Hope I will find many jewelry lowers here! 
If you are interested in minimalist, classic, modern jewelry design and you found something what you like, fell free to look in my shop and imagine it as your own jewelry box.

With personal attitude just for You,

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