Textile jewelry and silk accessories by AudraTextileStudio


Here is AudraTextileStudio and her SHOP
We think her works tell much more about her than any text could. And here is the story...

Every day we choose the way for our journey. Happy day is when we find a place we love to be. I found :)
Impressions from places you have ever been, the peoples you met long ago or one day before all these things what happens with us are a part of what we are doing now.

Love twisting my small circles, creating patterns and constructing to form which looks like big clouds :)) 
Love the feeling of floating dyes on the silky surface, love the colors game when two colors creates their own shadows. That is my silk paintings :)

And love your messages how happy and delightful you are :))

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2 komentarai (-ų)

  1. The pieces are gorgeous! Great eye for detail and colors. Really struggling to pick out one for myself :)


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