Outstanding luxury in street wear! by PANDOwear


Really outstanding wear from PANDOwear SHOP. Have a look what perfect street wear they are creating... <3

Willingness to be different
Established in 2011, PANDO label became one of the most innovative Lithuanian premium class brands. Since the beginning, PANDO was synonymous with its tartan pants and quality denim products.
 Under a team of creative souls, including founding partner Marius Black, PANDO has evolved and it is rapidly growing each year. Brand’s designs offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream, suggesting a thought-provoking, slightly twisted view of world. Taking inspiration from free spirits and merging this with premium street-wear staples PANDO creates a unique wardrobe for those who seek to affirm, express, fulfill and enjoy themselves through the company’s garments. 
 The common denominator for everything we do at PANDO is our undying passion for quality fabrics, innovative in-house design, functionality and skilled production. PANDO is a passionate traveler looking for new challenges. PANDO is a positive energy revolutionist.

____________PANDO wear_____________ 

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