MeowForCatsShop know what cats would really loved to...


Here is MEOW SHOP and their story....
MEOW seeks everything the best of their beloved inspirers - cats.

Stands out for its unique design, comfortable for cats and ideal in your house corrugated cardboard furniture, scratching post and with love produced handmade toys. Peaces of which cat dreams are made of! 
MEOW - stuff which every self-loving cat would be proud of!
• UNIQUENESS OF SIMPLICITY: everyone knows about the almost instinctive love of all cats for corrugated cardboard. In the moment you open a carton box, no matter the size, cats immediately sits in it! MEOW - something more than simple cat trees...
 • NATURAL PRODUCT: meow furniture made of 100 % corrugated high quality and recycled cardboard. In scratching towers -wood also. Handmade in Lithuania! With the same goal as cat breeders, we have tried to put together all the best qualities and attributes for the best possible result. 
 • FUNCTIONALITY AND UNIQUE DESIGN: elegant furniture offers an ideal field for scratching and claw care. Variety of colors ant shapes. Mix that fits and finds place in every house and would be perfect for every cat.
• MOVEMENT AND FUN are very important aspect for maintaining the health of your cat. Discover the immense cat attraction of corrugated cardboard furniture and scratching tower. Cats just love them! 

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