Handmade albums, guest-books, folios, boxes, cases by ShoopDeko


ShoopDeko are making adorable DVD boxes and cases for USB flashes. Just perfect handmade items. Please visit the SHOP.
Our artisans - a bunch of dreamers united by our mutual love for handcrafts and photography. That is why we are always seeking products of the highest quality which are made by hand and possess the sentiment of a human touch here in Shoop DEKO. Nothing makes our artists happier than smiles and gratitude of our beloved customers.
Our team specialise in handmade packaging for USB, DVD and all similar things for photography, wedding and events.
Ranging from small boxes and cases all the way to customized packaging, we strive to provide high quality products to you.
 We are always up for creating new products, so If you need something special please contact us on Etsy!


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