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I would like to introduce you a wonderful candles artist.
Here's Asta's story.

After 13 years in different art schools (yes, I have bachelor degree of glass art) I met my man and decided to make a break. I even tried become a gardening :)
In 2001, very unexpectedly, an old friend called to ask, "Could you make some candles for my shop?"
Since then, candles live in my mind! Each day I search for unique ways to create beautiful candles. First I made gel candles and oil lamps with decorations inside. But mostly I searched different ways to make shaped, decorative hand poured candle. One inspiration was traditional Japanese candles. These hand painted flowers look so simple and so beautiful. I tried hundreds of different paints and waxes until I found the one's I now use and am absolutely satisfied. Now I can offer you great looking, perfect burning handmade candles. No any machines are involved in this process.
I use food-grade paraffin wax, pure cotton wicks and the best quality dyes for candle making.
Every candle is hand painted with care and love.

I love to spend time in the meadows and forests collecting all those things – birch barks, acorns, moss, chestnuts and snail shells. And more pleasure to create candles from it – so pure and natural gifts. I love to use materials for my candles, that we usually throw out – orange and kiwi peels, eggshells. I love to create small cute peaces for cozy and eco friendly home.
It's a big pleasure to make Your home more beautiful and cozy! 
Please visit her beautiful SHOP

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