One of a kind jewelry by Rasa Vilcinskaite


My jewelry career began very simple way. My best friend was making
a soutache technique brooches. Then I saw her works, I could not not
admire it and bought some of them. After long time I decided to try to
do for myself and just for myself. I thought at the time that I will
never do it for someone else. But life sometimes give the surprises. So, I started it in 2011. I was inspired bead embroidery technique. I
love it the most. Now, I’m going to learn jewelry lessons. I want to
produce a metallic works. I'm working in two rooms apartments. In one
room i producing a jewelries and living too, in another room have my
own arts workshop. I'm a painter, now studying the master degree. So
in my life are two very strong and difference passions. And my cat
always sitting by me. Mostly love the cats :)) She very rarely smiles.
I usually making a necklace pieces. My favorites is large statement
necklace. I Love one of a kind pieces, usually i do not want to do the
same, but sometimes peoples want it, so, i can not say no. Love seed beads, stones beads,
shells, glass beads and i have my own style to make necklace with
belt buckle. I'm in love with belts buckles. sometimes send materials
from England, usually buy them in my city.
Than i producing the jewellery i never thinking about, what kind of
women will buy it, or where she wear it. I hope my clients are very
difference women and girls, loving fashion, strong colors, good
designs. Which is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, which has a
strong own style and self-confident woman.

My family very supported me and my work. My mother is the best critic
of my creations. She always say the true about mistakes or good jobs.
My friends loves my creation as well. Not all of them, but everyone
according to their taste. Only recently began to exhibit their works
strangers and make arrangements for the exhibition. So, i'm very
excited because, they loved my creations. I guess, I can say that many
people like my works, but they say, Lithuania is to small country for
your works. So i'm looking for best place to show my works.

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