Mohair... Always and forever?


Mohair is one of the oldest and most expensive textile fibres, produced exclusively in Turkey for thousands of years and achieving importance in European textile manufacture during the 19th century.
All the time it was a luxury attribute, nowadays it's more accessible in different sizes and shapes as plaids, dresses, accessories, toys etc. 

The mohair slouch hat could be your perfect accessory this autumn - winter time. MalramBoutique sells this cozy hat.

SweetDreamsProps presents wonderful soft mohair bears. For me as an adult they are really appealing, would love one next to my bed. 

This adorable mohair cowl from RDesignStore will protect you from cold as well serve as an exclusive accessory.

Mohair for our little ones, what can be more fun than soft and cozy mohair fibre?.. Wonderful dress for little princess from Ramuneart must stay the most important thing in small girl festivity.

Or this newborn romper from mohair for the little ones... Found in NeringaWorkshop

Do you already want mohair?.. yes, me too :)

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