Apples... To eat or not to eat?..


All the week I thought about Halloween, and suddenly I saw an APPLE, yes, an APPLE!!!
Autumn, apple time, apple pie, apple decorations, apple in the garden, apple in the market.. it's a wonderful time, when you feel and smell apples everywhere.. 😊
And sitting in the office I felt an absolutely powerful yearning to find something on the internet to help that autumn feeling along 😊
Every day it gets colder, we spend more and more time at home, so we really need a cozy atmosphere.
CozyHomeIdeas have these wonderful apples in their shop.
This ceramic apple is a wonderful gift and interior detail, I imagine how pleasant it is when somebody opens it and finds something delicious inside.
Or this apple, it smells of late autumn or Christmas...
Soon the apples on the trees will become only a memory, but you can decorate your home in autumn emotions. Mellsva creates these apple garlands.

Cozy home, warm and light around, but what about us? For our personal style BleuetClaymentine sells very realistic jewellery .
And the basic MUST BE in autumn at home is .. of course.. Apple pie, I found this recipe here  in Home is Where the Boat Is.
It could be the best activity on a weekend or an evening, with kids.  And there are many possibilities to decorate this pie, for example with these rolling pins from DoughRoller
That's all for today. ENJOY! Apple time.. mmm, waiting for work hours to end, will go bake my apple pie ;)

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