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It's a pleasure to introduce very unique artist DovileJewellery. Here is her story and SHOP.

Hello lovely people!
My name is Dovile. I am Lithuanian jewellery artist currently living and working in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, United Kingdom.

I have studied jewellery and smithery in Vilnius Academy of Arts (Telsiai, Lithuania), Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). 
Past three years I was responsible for running the jewellery studio/workshop in Vilnius, tutored jewellery basics.
I'm actively participating in contemporary jewellery projects and exhibitions.

In the process of working, I approach the different materials with the intention to establish a form of dialogue with it. I am trying to find shapes which have no predictable meaning of jewellery being. Mostly I look through painter‘s and sculpture‘s eye rather than jewellers. At the same time, the leading role in materials takes the metal or wood.
The combination of fragile and monumental materials interacts into the pieces I made. Furthermore, the values which have not depended on cultural or time changes for me are essential in contrast with human fragility, soul‘s aches.


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