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Migle love using nature creations in her handicrafts! So here is her story and Shop ;)
Since I was little girl I loved handicrafts, because my grandmother and grandfather were very handy people. They taught me different techniques of creating beautiful things. My grandmother showed me how to knit, sew, crochet and lots of other different things. My grandfather loves working with wood, so had an opportunity to learn from him. All of their life they learn new things and taught me and others. 

As a child I spend all of my summers at the country side where I learn to love nature and use gifts of it for my handicrafts. I liked playing with wood branches, reed canes and grass stems.
As an adult I searched myself for a long time where I belong, what should I be and what should I work. And one day I decided that I want to develop the knowledge and skills given me by my grandparents and open my handicraft shop on Etsy. From that day I make hand-crafted items filled with love and inspired by nature.

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